• Don’t focus on nickels and dimes; focus on trying to be the best.

    September 9, 2014

    I read something in the FT recently about a Senior Manager who talked about how he had an employee who missed his target by only a few hundred dollars, but the employee still claimed an annual bonus … because the employee felt that he was close enough to the target, and the guy thought his boss would be nice and just “give” him something that had not been wholly earned.

    “I almost hit my target ….”

    It’s like climbing Mt. Everest, getting a couple hundred meters from the top, and feeling that you have achieved the summit ….

    But that’s not how life works.

    Unfortunately, this mentality … it’s the world we live in today.

    Just last week …

    Fabien had a young, dynamic employee come to his office and give him information that contained special data that Fabien had been searching for a long time … and the research this employee (who is paid a nice salary to research) achieved was very good.

    …but as this person presented the information to Fabien, the person asked him “what’s my bonus for getting this for you?”

    According to Fabien, he looked at her with a big grin and told her “your bonus is the fact you did your job well … and did something great for the company which is what you are paid a salary to do.”

    Throughout the week, Fabien would yell to me as I passed him or his office, “hey Scott I came an hour early today, can I have an extra $10…” or “hey Scott, I came up with a great idea for the company, can I have $15 more this month…”

    I remember when I was an employee at my previous company … I did my job as best I could because I wanted to be the best.

    I often worked 6 days a week and even closed business for other offices, I didn’t do it for money, or thinking I would get more money … I worked hard because I wanted to “win.”

    I never ever thought about money … everything I did and all the effort I gave to my role, job and company was to try and be the best in the company.

    Ironically, although my “drive” wasn’t founded on trying to make more money, but instead on thinking and doing things focused on being the best …. Ultimately, thinking this way made me more money.

    Yesterday, I was in a meeting with Sophie and two other senior staff, one of them a newly promoted HR …. And we talked about the above example, as well as a few other examples of the “what’s my bonus if I do even just 1% more than expected world we live in today…”

    And Sophie talked about her previous job as an event Producer, how she never did something because she thought she would get a few bucks more….

    She explained, that she always thought about how she could make her program/product the best it could be … she didn’t think about “getting” or “deserving” something for doing what she was paid to do.

    As she explained to the group – she worked to be the best she could, and the pride she took in being one of the best at what she did was her “extra” payment.  She thrived on the excitement of doing her job well.

    Sophie then furthered her point by talking about some of the key people in the company … and how the best ones at naseba (and surely the best at other companies) are the ones who don’t waste their time thinking about how they can nickel and dime or hustle an extra $20 from the company… but instead are the ones who are focused on doing whatever it takes to be the best.

    Whatever it is that you do…focus on doing it as well as possible; focus on achieving, and surely money and success will follow.…

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