“we are all best friends…”

“we are all best friends…”

My training partner and good friend is a 47 years old British guy … who every single day kicks my ass no matter what we are doing … he is an ex-pro boxer and currently aggressively training for Mt. Everest. He is 12 years older than me, but you would not know by looking at the guy, and he kicks my ass daily. Definitely a guy you would want on your side in a fight.

anyways…. yesterday on our run we discussed “loyalty” and how the concept of “loyalty” has changed a lot over the past 10 years or so.

I explained to him my thoughts ….

it always starts the same…. the person says: “you have changed my life …” “thanks for your support…” “I will never let you down…” blah blah blah…

I told him a good story, one of my favorites …

Once I took one of my sales managers at my previous company to dinner, the best french restaurant in the south of france because he hit his target — and at the dinner in front of my wife, the guy said to me “you made me … everything I have today is because of your training and support….” the guy actually started to tear up and cry …. thanking me over and over for everything I had done for him and said “you made me.”

6 months later the same guy, a New Zealander named Mike H. tried to black mail me for 5,000 pounds.
He said: “If you don’t give me 5K, I will tell Marcus everything I know about what you are doing ….” needless to say, I told Mike to go fuck himself and the last I heard he is parking cars at some hotel. Hopefully one day I bump into Mike on the street..

but I am rambling again (sorry Sophie for rambling) … I wont waste anymore time on other stories of betrayal by “loyal staff …” or “best friends…”

Betrayal is not the point of this entry … “loyalty” is

Before naseba, at the company I worked for, one night I had dinner with Marcus, my previous Chairman and over dinner he told me….

“you care too much about your staff…” and then he went on to say “they don’t give a damn about you…”

Then to further his point, he pointed out two of my managers …the two were my closest friends and they lived with me … and said, rather aggressively, “they don’t give a damn about you.” As I type, I chuckle remembering how passionate he was about this … obviously, reflecting back he knew something that I did not.

I said to him excitedly, “they are my best friends…” and he smiled at me as he raised his glass of wine … and said something I have thought about a lot over the past 5 years:

“we are all best friends….”

Within a year of that dinner, the one I was the closest with, my “best friend” screwed me over …


Why is it that we live in a world today where what Marcus said is exactly right???

“loyalty” is only so deep? Is it because of … Money? Materialism? Cultural?

yesterday, during the run, I explained the steps…

you recruit a young talent … who is not seizing his talent …up until the day he meets you, he is just average … maybe someone who is just working in a call center …

You hire him, you train him, you support him, you re-train him, you incentive him …. you re-train him … you support him … you invest in him …you send him around the world to gain experience … in fact, for the first time in the guys life he starts to make big money… suddenly he thinks he is the next Donald Trump….

I am being a bit dour … Of course, not all people are like this … and to be truthful most of my key people have proven time and time again to be loyal and reliable, some even more so than others.

loyalty …

We live in a world today where people cheat on their companies … cheat on their friends… cheat on their wives/husbands or girl friends/boy friends like its normal …there was even a TV show in America where they put married couples together with the main focus on trying to get them to cheat on each other. Despicable.


This is not about naseba … This is not about being loyal to me or to naseba …

I challenge the reader to reflect on their “loyalty” to their boss…to their spouse … to their company, to themselves, etc ….

“its so much easier to just sit around and talk about being loyal….”


5 thoughts on ““we are all best friends…”

  1. Only a looser talks like this. Why dont you try to be loyal yourself first? You betrayed your old company. I feel you are far more worse than your past or current employees. As a reader and as a human being we always strive to achieve something new and during the cousr of climbing that mountain we have to leave few steps behind. You have done it in your life. how can you expect everyone to stay with you forever. When you die will this army of yours follow you. NO.

  2. Thank you for your keen interest in this blog … your IP address is owned by one of our competitors in Dubai and this is the third negative comment you have left over the past couple of weeks … however, I appreciate your loyal readership…and hope you are gaining something from this…

    This time … you make a good point … seemingly, I appear to be “disloyal” to my previous company – however, I was terminated and did not quit searching for “greener grass” when I started naseba… and as you read on the naseba section … I did not want to start my own company, but it worked out nicely for me.

    Upon reflection, at my previous company I was disloyal … in that, with my success as a sales man and sales director, I thought I was more important than I really was … at the time, I did not appreciate that it was Marcus and his company that taught me how to sell … supported me, gave me all the opportunities to travel and make a lot of money … to develop as a leader … and with my success and all my sales and big commission checks, I became a “total bitch” and thought I was more important than I really was (I suggest you reflect on this comment)

    To be honest, everything I have today is in large part due to the massive positive impact Marcus had on my life … but 6 years ago, when I worked for him, like many talented people …. I was a total, unappreciative spoiled baby.

    but we are digressing from the point of this blog …
    the focus was not on betrayal .. but instead “loyalty” … and to be completely honest, when I wrote this entry, I was not thinking about you or any of the other “loyal staff” at the company this IP address is owned by … it was more targeted towards close friendship, etc

    as for your comment “only a loser talks like this …” hmmmm, I can argue that only a “loser” would waste his time to read a blog by someone he does not like — and waste even more of his time to leave several negative comments over a couple weeks …and pretend to be someone from naseba when he leaves those comments. In my opinion, this is a true “looooser…..” but I guess its all subjective…</p></p>

  3. David Taylor

    The issue here isn?t about loyalty, or honor, or trust: it is about character.

    To remain loyal takes strength of will, and clarity of purpose- and it is so much more than dedication to a company. Many disloyal people sit at the same desk in the same company for decades, playing politics, being slack, talking dissatisfaction and defeat. Equally, it is possible to leave a company and keep loyalty- to maintain an ethical standpoint, to part ways professionally.

    But keeping strength of will is tiring, and difficult. The drive to maintain personal ethics can be the hardest of all, with the siren song of taking the easy way out never stopping. Strength of character lies in maintaining the course, regardless.

    So, people who betray friends, colleagues, employers, spouses or whatever are either weak-willed or amoral, or both.

    The weak-willed deserve pity, because they may not want to betray, to run away, to take the easy way out- but they do out of weakness and will feel the shame of their actions for the rest of their life. Some people are not cut out to climb mountains.

    The amoral deserve nothing but contempt, because they know what they are doing is weak, and wrong, and they don?t care. They seek gain at whatever the cost, and will never know trust, loyalty or friendship themselves.

    We are each judged by our actions- and there is a reason Dante assigned the innermost circle of Hell to the betrayers of trust.

  4. The “loyal staff,” Mike Hough that tried to black mail you is not parking cars … he is waiting tables … he is a waiter at Waynes in Nice.

  5. How naive of you to even expect that life is without betrayals…and in your type of business, everyday is an ironman swim part. if you dont train well & watch out, you will get run over or you loss your course….

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