a quick ramble on change

Today was the opening day of “Avex,” naseba’s first expo and airshow which is taking place on the red sea in Sharm, El Sheikh Egypt.

President Mubarak came and opened the expo this morning – thus Nic and I got to meet him and have our pictures taken, etc.  At the end of his visit, I walked him to his golf cart which takes him to his limo and just as he got on to his cart, he warmly slapped my hand in a sort of high-five hand shake and as we stood locked in a firm hand shake staring at each other right in the eyes, I kept pitching naseba… how grateful we were for his support (pitch pitch pitch)  …. and he interupted me and said with a huge grin on his face in a thick accent … “Obama is very good.”  And his cart drove away.

It was a brilliant and exciting day, with the election of Obama – although the focus of todays blog is on “change,” I will leave the media to discuss “change” and how exciting and remarkable Obama is as a president elect….there is nothing more I can add that is not already being discussed in the media.


Over the past few days, I got to meet the President of Egypt as well as Nasser Al Kharafi, top ten richest person in the world whose company is one of the platinum sponsors of Avex.  I met with the richest man in the middle east, HRH Prince Al Waleed in Riyadh last week.  It has been an incredible few weeks.

Whatever opportunities and or achievements I have had thus far in my life are inspired by serious personal reflection on all the poor decisions and mistakes I have made over the course of my journey – esp. reflecting and changing from the person I was 6 – 7 years ago.

That senior manager discussed in the previous blog, loved scott ragsdale when things were going good — but when things became more challenging, he “quit” and blamed Scott Ragsdale for his lack of success ….

Some people who moan about Marcus – I guarantee when they were making money working for him, Marcus was the greatest man in the world …

Just like at naseba.

When things are going great … Scott Ragsdale is “a genius leader, the best in the industry.”

But when people struggle or have challenges, and their job becomes more challenging and difficult … not as cushy as before… suddenlly Scott Ragsdale is “too aggressive…..Ragsdale is an asshole.”

Many people have left comments on the blog about Marcus Evans – several by old friends.  I post only the ones that add positive discussion.

I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in promoting and speaking positive about Marcus.  I have not spoken to the man since the last day I worked for him …. although i fully understand that many people have legitimate compaints about that company, for me, personally, other than 20K euros that were stolen from me by one or more of their I.T. people…whatever problems I had at that company (upon reflection) were my fault – no one elses.

…. I use my experience at that company often in this blog because just about everyone can relate to the themes.

I can not imagine my life today if I had done what just about everyone else does when things go wrong …”have a party” and sit around and moan and whine…like a victim ..

Seriously, think about the problems in your life or job… and then look into the root to the problem..I am sure you will see that you play some part in the problem.  Make the changes necessary to not have the problem again.


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