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Some of you have noticed and asked why i took off a bit of an angry ramble about my discovery of an old chinese friend of mine lying and stealing from me …. unpon reflection, not only was that part of the blog too aggressively negative, but an interesting conversation with my closest chinese friend gave a different view on the subject – so I took that part of the blog off.

I spent the last day I was in Shanghai with my Chinese brother, close friend and business associate, Thomas Du.

We discussed in great detail my disgust at being lied to by several of our collegues…absolute incredible web of lies which even up to the last second these people were denying.

However, Thomas said something to me that did not click until I was in the taxi on the way to the airport — “Scott, this guy did not lie to you… he was just being loyal and protecting someone whom he has known longer than you.”

The person in discussion and I come from two entirely different worlds – but at the end of the day, as crazy as this is for americans & europeans to understand, Thomas is right – for them it was not lying.  Although I can not work with someone like this, I can respect the loyalty he showed to his friend, even if his loyalty was used against me.

I have a special fondness for China and the culture — but from my 8 years experience of doing business in China, the focus on “getting money” in China transcends everything else …

I am christian so I have some form of moral law guiding me and helping me stay focused on being honest,  but the new China … there is no god; no confucius; no mao; nothing but the desire to “get” money.

You can bribe just about anyone in China … esp. the police and judges.  And i do not see how they can reform this system so it will only get worse.

But I am being a bit judgemental — the truth is that I have been lied to by just as many americans and europeans as I have Chinese.

Furthermore, and a bit of a ramble…

The world we live in today …. where is the morality?  I am not talking just about in China –but more importantly, every where —  People would rather “get” 1 million dollars instead of “earning” 1 million dollars.

… then we have the western media constantly bashing us in the face with stories of the failures of man, reassuring us that its ok to be mediocre …

it’s as if, we are taught that it is ok to lie, cheat and steal … just as long as we do not get caught.

how can it change?

Where is John Galt?


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