God Bless Oprah

Each year, I take my oldest daughter Marie who is 13 years old just the two of us, on a trip to a different country.  Over the past 4 years, since we started this ritual, she and I have gone to Miami, London, Prague and early this week, I had a meeting in Hong Kong, Marie was on vacation from school so I took her to Hong Kong for a couple days with me.

Marie is french … she is my step daughter, but we are as close as if she was my own and of course I love her equally as much as my own daughter, Giovanna.

Although Marie and I have many conversations all the time … sitting in the back of the plane, comfortably crammed in economy on an 8 hour flight from Dubai to Hong Kong we got to have lots of conversations on many different subjects.  It is interesting to hear a 13 year old french girl’s view on the world.

Each time she would say something remotely negative about someone or something- I would challenge her to reflect on what she said….and I pointed out nothing is gained from speaking negatively of others.

She told me, “but….lebonese girls at school are weird…”

so I asked her,  ”are they really weird … or are they just from a different culture and or religion which is different to hers?  I furthered my thought by pointing out that the best well mannered, most polite friend she has had over to our home in Dubai is Lebonese….


At the hotel, there was a news clip on CNN that evening at the hotel.  The 2nd major news headline was on Oprah Winfry and discussed how “Oprah now weighs over 200 lbs.”  The headline was titled:  “Oprah’s battle with the bulge

….The world is falling apart, yet CNN is highlighting the fact Oprah Winfry is battling a weight problem.

Where is John Galt???

This was a new program on Sunday morning.

Although I did not comment to Marie on the show, later in the evening over dinner Marie brought up the news story to me and laughingly asked, “why did CNN tell us about Oprah’s weight problem??

I asked her why does she think Lebonese girls at school are weird??

We discussed the news story … and I furthered the discussion into why I don’t like when she speaks negatively about other people (she is a very positive sweet girl) … we jokingly discussed “positive thinking vs negative thinking” for the 3 days in HK.   We challenged ourselves to be positive even during the toughest of times…even if the food was not perfect or the service was a bit slow…we stayed positive.

rambling on….

Today is Thursday – I am back in Dubai now – and Marie told me yesterday when I got home from work that she saw again on CNN another mention of Oprah’s weight problem.  Even a 13 year old notices such nonesense news…

I noticed last night as I read the news online as well as this morning, CNN has 3 different mentions about Oprah Winfry’s weight problems — 3 different headlines on the home page of CNN …. and one video clip on the subject.

How does this add value to our lives?

I know I hammer this theme all the time … maybe, you as the reader are tired of reading about my personal battles with the negativity in the world …. but seriously, how does all this negative news add positive value to our lives?

It doesn’t.

Instead of reassuring us that it is ok to be mediocre …. its ok to fail at achieving our goals, which in my opinion is exactly what CNN is saying …. why not challenge and empower us with stories of greatness in times of adversity.

Where is John Galt?


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  1. AnishGeorge

    I think it is more about empowering ourselves to be receptive to what could add value to our life and being able to discard what does not. Media does what it does to make the most of everything, be it Oprah’s weight issues or stories of heroism in the face of impossible odds. It is what Media does.

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