Searching for John Galt…

Our communication and marketing team launched a new blog format to make the blog more attractive and interactive.

We have added a tunes players with 10 songs … each song has some form of symbolic meaning for me.  The player will be updated from time to time.  The player will be set up where the music launches when the blog opens and continues to play the same song even when you look at different pages of the blog.  If the player is not working today, it will be sorted asap.

The FND section is currently under construction, however, within a few days it will be updated.

The photo gallery includes pictures of different travels and adventures — this section will also be updated with more pictures and videos.  Please note:  no pictures of my material wealth are included in the gallary …

I am not posting the pictures of myself in exotic locations around the world to boast about how worldly I am – but much more importantly, to show my readers, esp. the ones in America, the world is not what we see on CNN.

Pictures of my travels through the Middle East and North Africa … Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, and soon to be Oman and Iran will hopefully inspire the reader to not let the misinformation in the media prevent them from experiencing the world.

We want the blog to become more interactive, however, we will not post comments which add no value to the discussion, even if the comment is very positive about the blog or me personally.  Please give your input or comment to the discussions, but ensure your comment adds something to the discussion.

Unlike other CEO blogs where the communications or marketing team writes the blog entries for the CEO, I write each entry myself.  I travel nearly every week so sometimes there might be a few days between entries.
I write only when I have something to add to the discussion.

Lastly, the main purpose of my blog is to manage myself.  If I am going to blog about staying positive – I must stay positive myself.  If I am going to blog about making life happen – I must make my life happen.

However, as loyal readers have noticed, I am also fighting against dishonesty; misinformation; mediocrity; and negativity, all which are sweeping across the world like an uncontrolable virus.

I guess you can say….

I am searching for John Galt.


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