my thoughts and prayers are with the children in Gaza…

It is very difficult for me to blog recently.

I have two different lawyers who are Israeli – one lives in Paris and the other in Shanghai , they do not know each other both great guys.  I have numerous jewish friends and one of the key managers at naseba is jewish….therefore; it is absolutely impossible for anyone to refer to me as anti-semitic.

Unfortunately, we live in a world today where we can not challenge or question Israel without running the grave risk of being branded anti-semitic.

One of the headline’s on this morning is “israel to fight to the bitter end….”

To put things into a perspective for people living in America, Israel’s war on Gaza is like the Los Angeles Lakers playing a championship basketball game with the world watching against America’s 1,560th ranked  junior high school team.  What is happening in Gaza right now is not a war.  It is a slaughter.

Gaza is a walled in, tightly controlled 100% by Israel… prison.  What goes in and out of Gaza must be approved by Israel.  Israel controls the electricity and water supply of Gaza.  People who live in Gaza can not leave Gaza unless Israel, which they rarely agree, allows them to exit.  Once a week, Israel drops off fruit and vegetables as well as other food items at a check point.

Gaza is hell on earth.

For the past several months the American media turned a blind eye on  the paralyzing embargo Israel had on Gaza.  For several months, the 2.1 million people living in this prison… had nearly zero electricity, nor adequate running water, nor access to fruits and vegetables.  A fucking hell.

Imagine… you take the most innocent, beautiful woman in the world and then you put her in a cement cage, take away just about all her food and water … over a few months the gorgeous woman loses all hope for anything better….over a few years, of course the beauty is long gone…and a caged, wild animal is what she becomes.

This is where my father’s jewish friends in America call me naive….

BUT one has to wonder if there would still be rocket attacks against Israel from Gaza if people living in Gaza were allowed by Israel to have normal access to electricty, water, produce, food .. in a word, “hope.”

….I AM NOT justifying the rocket attacks by Hamas — however, we must question why Hamas gained so much power and control in Gaza.  Would they have the same influence on young Gazan’s today if those kids in Gaza had real hope for a better life?

…. I just got back last night from a successful business to Cairo, I am sitting in my beautiful, comfortable home in the south of france, a perfect view where I can see Italy, Cap Martin, Monaco and the med. sea….the sun is rising, gorgeous…. I have a brilliant life.

But then I think about all the women and children in Gaza who right now are living something worse than hell…


One thought on “my thoughts and prayers are with the children in Gaza…

  1. There is one thing, quite troubling, that you don’t mention.
    Israel controls absolutely everything that enters or exits Gaza… Rockets are fired over Israel from Gaza… but where do the rockets come from?? how come people in Gaza can be supplied with rockets when Israel controls all the supplies????

    – people in Gaza have a way to receive supplies in the back of Israel’s government/army – and what they choose to use that for is not food or medicines – it’s rockets…

    – Israeli’s army / border control cannot ignore where they come from. Gaza is the better guarded prison in the world. But rockets supplies keep finding a way into Gaza. How is that?? Could it be that it is in the best interest of Israel to be “attacked” so that they have a reason to maintain a strong military guard over the region?…

    Surely, both sides are to blame in that whole story. And a lot of others (US, UN, France etc) too.

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