dont believe the hype…

I am not sure which 80s rap group said this, but as I read the news on CNN,, BBC and even the two main french news sites, I am punched in the face with “fear” of the swine flu and I can’t help but think of that song….

It is amazing how powerful “fear” is … and how good the media is at selling it. I guarantee more people are reading newspapers, watching the news and looking at internet news sites today than normal — cnn’s advertising revenues must be going through the roof right now.

It makes me wonder…

What if Obama spoke to the american people and discussed the facts about the swine flu (they are on

What if he pointed out that although “up to” 150 have died in Mexico, the reality is that zero americans have died from the flu and there are less than 30 reported cases; although China has banned the importation of pork from latin and north america you CANNOT get this virus from eating pork.

The truth is more americans will die today from guns than they will from the swine flu.

But millions of people around the world, esp. in America are running around scared because of the power of the media.

Fear sells.

Where is John Galt?


One thought on “dont believe the hype…


    Cool blog. The fear that comes to my mind is how the stateside media has jumped on the Swine Flu “Epidemic”. Being one with a media background, I can spot the sensationalism that exudes, while no true public service exists in news reporting at this time, but rather as mythological pathways. Have you read Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”?

    Tonja Hughes

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