ode to the greatness in man

i repost this blog from a few weeks ago for a couple friends of mine who did not see it.

Yesterday, I saw on CNN.com a headline, the 4th headline news article (this is no joke) “are some sexual toys harmful to your health?”

Today a few headlines on CNN:

3rd headline: “Hulk Hogan: I totally understand O.J.” a story where he says he understands why OJ killed his ex-wife

5th headline: “unlikely singing sensation eyes date with queen” this story is not worth commenting on

6th headline: “cuddly robot seal impacts the lives of elderly.” I didnt waste my time to read this story

1st headline: North Korea poses real threat to the world (Lets be honest – the reality is that Guam is about as much of a threat to the world as North Korea)

Other headlines: there is a graphic (although entertaining) video of a 911 call where we get to hear a woman screaming on the phone about a drunk man who was trying to break into her home, then we get to hear her husband shoot and kill the drunk man all on the headline video.

There is not one story on the greatness in man.

Yesterday, I saw a small article in the news about Isiah Thomas accepting to become the Head Coach of a tiny, almost non existent college basketball team at FIU in Miami.

Isiah Thomas is a NBA hall of fame player turned coach who had 3 very successful years coaching the Indian Pacers to the playoffs, 3 years in a row during the period he was the head coach.

Then he got hired as the General Manager and Head Coach of the New York Knicks, had a great beginning, but from what I have read, Isiah had a very difficult time managing/coaching mega spoiled baby super star athletes who did not work as hard as he expected them.

He lasted two years before resigning; he was probably forced out.

It is worth noting that when Isaih Thomas was a professional, super star NBA basketball player, he was never in the news for getting into trouble; he is not covered in tatoo’s and never had an asshole haircut.

He just performed.

… many months after he resigned from the Knicks, he recently turns down two other NBA head coaching jobs, but accepts to coach a tiny, almost non existent college basketball team in Miami – FIU.

But it gets better — he announced yesterday, he is donating his 1st years salary back to the University who just hired him.

A great, inspirational story which is not even in the headlines on ESPN.com right now; it is not even mentioned on the first page of the CNN sport site.


I guarantee …. IF Isiah had accidently, run over a pit bull puppy with his car while driving, he would be commanding headline news/breaking news coverage for his cruelty to animals.


Another great story, I never heard about — the Voice of Reason sent me 3 emails telling me to blog about it, but it wasnt until his 3rd email that i finally read the story …

The story of another sports hero, this time in the NFL, James Harrison …

Harrison was drafted in 2003 and made $5,000, but was cut from the Steelers — over his career, he was cut 3 times by the Steelers and once by the Ravens (4 times he was told he was not good enough for the NFL), but he believed in himself and kept fighting.

Last year, Harrison was named the NFL Defensive Player of the year – he also had the longest interception return in super bowl history and starred on the team who won the super bowl.

He recently, signed a new contract worth $51.5 million which guarantees him 20 million dollars.
He earned less than 800,000 dollars a year over the past 4 years – so suddenly, he is extremely, wealthy.

Harrison’s response to his big contract was “I want to make them proud and not let them down ….. this is what is going to drive me.” And the article I read comments that he was back in the weight room training two days after the super bowl victory.

The story I refer to above – it didnt make headline news — in fact, it never came close to being headline news worthy.

Why would we want to hear a story about a man who gets cut 4 times in the NFL, but never quits — ultimately, becoming the best defensive player in the game, wins a super bowl, has the longest interception in the super bowls history – and is back in the gym training two days after the super bowl…he gets rewarded with a $51.5 million contract — and his response is to say how grateful he is the the Steelers – and that he doesnt want to let them down….this story is not interesting …

its much more interesting to read about Madonna trying to adopt a couple of Nigerian babies.

Although Harrison’s greatness did not command headline news last week — the super star Terrel Owens made the headlines for not showing up to practice…

I guarantee, IF Harrison had been pulled over by some white cop in Alabama and discovered to be driving his Ford Explorer with expired registration, it would command headline news.

Seriously …

why don’t we ever hear stories on the greatness in man in the news today?

Who really gives a F…. about “a robot seal helping the elderly?”

How does this news item have any positive impact on anyone?

Although I completely understand Hulk Hogan’s sentiment, in his headline worthy article he discusses that he is not allowed into his 20,000 SQF home (which he paid for) and a 19 year old is driving his $75,000 car (which he paid for) as well as sleeping with his ex-wife whose only claim to fame was marrying the Hulk and riding on his success, thus Hulk mentions in the article he understands why OJ killed his wife.

BUT why does this negativity command the 3rd headline news story on CNN.com today?

What does it say about the world we live in today (or maybe I should say what does it say about America) when what readers are more interested in reading/hearing about are dangerous sex toys; people killing people with guns; teachers having sex with 13 year olds (one story recently was about a 13 year old sleeping with two different teachers in the same school and neither teacher knew about the other); movie star break ups; stories on the failures of man ….. instead of wanting to read/hear about stories on the greatness in man.

Where is John Galt?


2 thoughts on “ode to the greatness in man

  1. abdulhamid

    Its interesting that a handful of companies own the majority of the media in the US:

    Disney, “New” Viacom (and its former parent CBS Corporation, the former “Old” Viacom), TimeWarner (which owns CNN), News Corporation, Bertelsmann AG, and General Electric together own more than 90% of the media holdings in the United States.

    I wonder what the news would look like if we had a truly independent competitive media with multiple players?

  2. Christopher Wallace

    and now Murdoch (a modern day Gail Wynand?) wants to start charging users for reading their online crap… that will be ironic… but then again, most countries already charge you to take a crap in any case…

    For some reason, society always seems to crucify those who come with good news, while selling its soul to those who captivate it with the stench of man’s failure.

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