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Sophie is in Beijing until Wednesday and my two girls are away at “tata’s” farm house in the middle of France so I am alone this weekend…

Last night, I took a book and went to my favorite restaurant, “Jerome,” a 2 star Michelin which is a 5 minute walk from my house in La Turbie.

The sommelier of the restaurant is one of my best friends in France, and he always takes very good care of me.

Last night the sommelier whispered to me that the 2nd richest man from Russia was sitting at the table right next to me … I don’t remember his name, but apparently he is worth 10+ billion Euro.
The sommelier told me that the man had order two bottles of wine, one bottle cost 1,500 euro and the other bottle cost 1,800 euro….

Other than the fact he had ordered expensive wine, You would never guess this man is a multi billionaire … firstly, he looks as if he is mid 40’s and was wearing a normal izod shirt, jeans and he wore a digital watch … which probably cost less than 200 euro.

An hour or so later…. Another group of Russians came into the restaurant and sat at the table which was directly in front of me…

(There are a lot of Russians in the south of France, esp. during the summer)

Now this guy looked like a multi-billionaire… he was dressed immaculately, very tan and had a massive gold watch covered in diamonds. I can’t imagine how much the watch must have cost.

A few minutes after the man had ordered his wine, my friend the sommelier came over to me and whispered that the man had just order two bottles of 6,500 euro wine… 13,000 euro just for wine!

I couldn’t concentrate on my book anymore …..

so I sat there comparing the two men …. I assume the other man was a multi billionaire as well because of his wine and the way he looked.

However, the owner of the restaurant came over and we chit chatted a bit in French; she was obviously very happy because of the expensive wines they had sold.

I asked who the other Russian man was and she said that he was just a local business man who works in Monaco – wealthy, but not a billionaire …. she said the man’s boss is also one of her customers.
This made me smile because he looks a lot more big time than the man who is actually big time.

Anyways….a few minutes later the casually dressed billionaire left ….

One of the bottles of wine he was drinking was still half full when he left, so my friend the sommelier came over with a big smile on his face and poured me a large glass from the 1,500 euro a bottle of wine.
(All my tips paid off!)

I do not pretend to be a wine expert whatsoever … however, this glass of wine was very very good….

I wonder what the 6,500 euro a bottle of wine tastes like.


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