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Recently, I have received several interesting comments which I wish to discuss, thus instead of posting the comments in the comment section, I will post some of them on the main blog page.

“Scott – I don’t know you. Until two nights ago, I had never heard of you or this blog. I was at a restaurant, dinner party in LA and someone mentioned your blog and Ayn Rand quote (I like Ayn Rand so I am intrigued) More than an hour, probably even longer, the 8 of us discussed your blog and opened it up on our mobile phones and read through several of your blogs. I thought about your blog a lot since then. You took down the entry where you discussed your ego, but why did you take it down? Personally, I like your blog and (some) of the people I was with also like this, but if you are not self promoting (as you say) then what is the purpose of this blog? Howard Roark, Los Angeles, CA

For the readers who don’t know Ayn Rand, Howard Roark is one of the heros from The Fountainhead.

To answer your question….

My blog has an aggressive Ayn Rand quote with a picture of me smoking a cigar, therefore, unfortunately people assume I am a dick waving, american who thinks he is more important than he is…

….other than maybe my cuban cigar collection, I have achieved nothing worthy of boasting about. As far as me thinking I am the ultimate business man or great CEO… I broke up my role as Chairman and CEO of naseba (the company I co-founded with Sophie, Fabien and Nic) and we promoted Sophie to CEO of the group. Sophie is a far superior operational, organizational CEO than I was. If Sophie had been the CEO from day 1, naseba would be an even stronger company than it is today.

I enjoy saying this, not just because I am extremely proud of Sophie Le Ray, she is my wife, but because I have confidence in my value; I do not need to pretend to be someone I am not.

The world we live in today, at least in my opinion, is full of people whom are absolute fucking nobodies…wanna be’s who go through their life pretending to be someone they are not.

The blog you refer to, I posted and then took it down because after re-reading it a few times, I felt it went against what I stand for (or at least what I am striving to stand for)

To try and show I am not self promoting, I ended up defensively, self promoting by mentioning several of the important readers I have had who left comments. I didn’t mention or post their comments before because I didn’t want the blog to turn into a plateform pontificating on how great I think I am. I am very proud of these readers and their comments, but posting this only comes across boastful and does not add value to the blog.


I have traveled to more than 80 countries… and when I say this, I am not self promoting or boasting, but trying to inspire the reader to go out and experience the world. I post only personal pictures on this blog of my travels to places which add value to the discussion –there is a lot of misinformation in the media (primarily in america) and by posting pictures of me in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran etc I hopefully, inspire some readers to go out and experience the world. I have not posted pictures of my travels to Maldives, Carribean, Corsica, St Tropez, Singapore, Sydney etc. because those pictures add no value to the discussion. (but by mentioning these cities I come across again as boasting)

I do not post pictures of my homes or materialistic success because these add no value to discussion in the blog.

The purpose of this blog….?
This blog is all about self reflection, and I use it to manage myself. If i am going to post my goals, I must achieve them. If I am going to discuss quotes like the “man at the top didnt fall there…” I must remember them and live by them…even when I fall.

I reflect on my life….esp. my time with my previous employer, a man who had a life changing impact on me, but….

at the time, I was just like many of the people who read this blog…talented, someone who sincerely wanted the best interest for the company, but because of immaturity as well as bad influence, I became a total bitch who believed I was more important than I really was. (many readers can relate to this)

The “ego” refered to in Ayn Rand’s quote is NOT the ego which drives people to buy things they can not afford or “act as if” and pretend to be someone they are not …which ultimately, gets people to fall in the trap of believing they are more important than they really are…

The ego Rand refered to is that which drives one to be as hard working, focused, honest, dilligent and loyal as possible on their climb through life.

Some people admire Brad Pitt or LeBron James.

I admire John Galt.


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