odd, that.

At the end of 2002, when we first started naseba, literally the very first day … I received an email and phone call from one of my ex-staff at M.E. asking if I would give him a reference.

This person had been the production manager in Tokyo as well as in my Shanghai office – and (at the time) I  liked him.
I thought he was very good at his job, thus I happily agreed to give him the reference.

When the HR woman from Australia called me, I gave this ex-staff a 45 minute glowingly, positive reference and even told her that I would hire him myself if I could afford him.

The woman asked me “so you suggest we hire him?”  And I said, “yes, hire him without hesitation.”

During the 45 minute conversation, she asked me how big was the team he had managed (in reality it had been around 8-10 producers) but I told the woman his team was “18-20 and the best team in the company.”

I guess my previous employee had told the woman he managed a team of 40+ …. (which I did not know before hand)

When this ex-employee did not get the job, he blamed me.

He sent me the most disrespectful email I have ever received from a previous employee, telling me I was jealous of him, I was a fluke…he threatened to black mail me….the email was ridiculously, over the top disrespectful — especially, considering I had taken super care of this Australian during the time he worked with me in Tokyo and in Shanghai.

There have been a couple others over the years who I had given a great reference, but ultimately they didnt get the job and of course blamed me…

Therefore, I have a policy where I do not give references for any ex-employee, no matter how much I might have liked the person in question  — because I will be blamed if the person does not get the job.

Today, my assistant received a call from someone in Singapore asking to speak to me to get a reference for a previous manager who worked for me a while ago.  When my assistant told the guy calling for the reference, I do not give references…he even told the guy, this does not reflect poorly, whatsoever on the person in question, just my policy.

Apparently, the guy calling then said to Tom, “if Scott doesn’t have 3 minutes to speak to me, then tell him to go fuck myself” …..

That’s an odd reaction from someone (presumably) in HR calling to get a reference for another person.

Just when I begin to think I have seen it all….

where is John Galt?


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