why are so many people focused on the dead cat?

Only a few friends of the few friends I have on facebook, read this blog … I don’t link/nor promote each blog entry on my FB, thus the only way a “friend” on facebook could read today’s blog is by coming directly to it.

with that said …

Last week, I posted 3 times on my FB wall (the main page of one’s facebook page/“whats on my mine”/the latest info all my “friends” see) ….

I posted 2 times  highlighting Jason Lester and Rich Roll’s EPIC5, 5 ironman distance triathlons completed in 75 hours.   www.EPIC5.com

For me, what EPIC5 achieved is extremely motivating … and shows what can be achieved, especially considering Jason Lester has the use of only one arm – thus all his swimming and biking is done with only one arm.

5 ironmans in 5 days on the 5 islands of Hawaii for a guy with the use of only one arm is an amazing achievement.

The same day I posted news on my facebook wall about EPIC5, a girl I went to high school with posted  news on her wall that her 18 year old cat had just died.

Up until this morning, my two posts about EPIC5 have received 3 comments from 3 different “friends.”

The girl with the dying cat received 17 different comments from 17 different “friends.”

To be fair, I should point out I have 93 friends and she has 500+ …. but

At the end of last week, I read an article about that 16 year old hooker in New York who at first accused Lawrence Taylor of raping her … then she changed her story and said he did not rape her.

According to the young hooker,  LT was “warm and friendly” … up until she finished her business with him….then, according to the  young prostitute, LT became “cold and unfriendly”…….  I quote the young prostitute:   “afterwards, all he said was turn off the TV before you leave…”

I know …. it’s not the nicest of  “last words,” especially to a young aspiring prostitute, but it made me laugh out loud when I read the article.

I posted on my facebook wall:  “quote of the week” and pasted verbatim (LT’s last words to the hooker) the above quote.

Within 15 minutes, 7 “friends” had left comments about my quote of the week.

Sophie mentioned that the quote goes against my “positive” “make it happen” style … and its just negative.
I realized she was right, and I deleted it from my facebook within 20 minutes of posting it.

I had only 3 friends comment on my wall (over several days) when I talked about the greatness in man, i.e. two men doing 5 ironman’s in 75 hours …. But  7 “friends” post comment within 15 minutes when I quote a 16 year old hooker’s experience with Lawrence Taylor.

Not to mention the 17 comments about someone’s dying cat….

For any of my facebook friends who might be reading this … this isn’t about leaving me comments when I post “news” on my wall… so please don’t feel the need to post a comment.

Rambling on …

This past Saturday I had a 7 hour bike ride in the desert between Abu Dhabi and Dubai (training for the Nice IM) … throughout the ride, especially after 5 hours or so when it was hellish hot and my water seemed to be the same temperature as my morning coffee ….I thought a lot about Jason Lester and Rich Roll and what they achieved last week.

5:38 into the ride, dead tired and extremely hot and I wanted to quit, but I thought about Jason Lester …

Jason was hit by a car when he was in his early teens and lost the use of his right arm.
He could have gone through his life feeling sorry for himself – surely, he had a tough time growing up with the use of only one arm.

To have the use of both your arms one day, and then to have the use of only one must have been a psychological hell, esp. for a young boy.

What happened to him when he was 12 was not fair … but instead of focusing on how “unfair” life is, he uses his paralyzed arm as a way to empower himself … and in doing so, he empowers those around him to achieve above and beyond what they think is possible.


Jason’s success in the face of adversity makes a great blog discussion (here is a guy who doesn’t waste his time being negative nor looking for pity — and we live in a world where too many people feel sorry for themselves)

By coincidence, this morning as I was doing a blog on the above theme, the Voice of Reason emailed me the story of Zach Lipson.


To summarize the story of Zach Lipson – he was born 8 weeks premature.
Consequently, due to lack of oxygen he has a spinal deformity and stands less than 4 feet tall.

He has a twin brother who is healthy – and to quote the above article “Lipson doesn’t need to wonder what could have been:  he has a walking reminder at home.”

However, like Jason Lester – Zach didn’t focus on the negatives of his situation, but instead uses his challenge as a way to inspire those around him.

According to the article, He told everyone who would listen….. that one day he would be a member of a top ranked division one basketball team.  I bet not many people considered this possible.

However, through exceptional perseverance, his hard work and passion won the attention of the coach at arguably the best college basketball team in America, University of Kentucky.

This fall Zach will join the team as a student manager; he will live at the famous “wildcat lodge” with all the players – he is part of the team just like any other player.

Take 5 minutes to read the article (linked above)  …

It is interesting to consider … what if both of these men (Jason and Zach) had focused on the negative of their situation?

Not only would their lives be far less fulfilled today, but they wouldn’t have had the tremendous positive impact on the (surely) 1000’s of people who have come into their lives.

I know I know I know … I hammer this point all the time and I am sure some of you are tired of it – but why are so many people focused on the dead cat?


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