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ode to the greatness in man: thank you Jessica Watson and Jordan Romero

Within the next couple of days, if everything goes to plan, a 13 year old American boy will summit Mt. Everest.


Take a couple of minutes to read the article … and reflect back to when you were 13; maybe you have a child in his or her early teens (I have a 15 year old step daughter) … can you imagine yourself or your child having the maturity, strength and drive to set a goal of summiting the highest peaks on the 7 continents?

But not just talking about it…actually making it happen.

The article which I pasted above is replete with negativity … some “expert” in the UK claims the 13 year old boy is too young for such an achievement … the “expert” (whom I do not believe has climbed Mt. Everest) goes as far as claiming its “child abuse” by his father to allow him to climb.

This 13 year old boy has summited 6 of the 7 summits … has undergone extensive ice climbing training …. and is proving to be more than just a dreamer with a focus.


His response to all the criticism is very mature– basically, he says he will let his achievement speak for him.

Recently, Jessica Watson, a 16 year old Australian girl completed a 7 month nonstop solo-unassisted sail around the world … 7 months nonstop solo unassisted journey around the world … I have been following her blog for the past 6 months.


During her journey, her boat was knocked completely on its side several times in various storms … she had to personally, all by herself fix just about every major machinery on her boat.  And she is just 15-16 years old.

Reflect back to when you were 15-16 years old…. Could you have sailed off by yourself; bravely, sail through storms, navigate your way around the world, fix an engine or water pump, etc?  I know I couldn’t have – and I still can’t.  (sailing around the world is one of my goals)

We live in a world of obesity, negativity and violence …. victimization … we are bombarded every day by the media basically, telling us “its not our fault …” comforting us that being mediocre is ok.

A 16 year old girl,  Jessica Watson successfully sails around the world non stop … and its not headline news?
The first thing the media pointed out is “she might have not sailed far enough…”  although she sailed around the world, someone somewhere is challenging her achievement by saying “its not far enough….”

The media could have used Jessica’s achievement, and Jordan’s as a way to positively influence so many young people out there who need positive influence and motivation … but instead the media focuses on the negatives of each one of these teens achievements.

Jessica’s achievement never made headline news in america – I bet Jordan Romero’s summit of Mt Everest will not make front page headline news … but sadly, I guarantee if he fails and doesn’t summit …. it will be headline news worthy.

The 19 headlines on CNN.com Thursday night (when I wrote this) … not one of them is focused on something positive.
The last headline listed today is simply: “Warrant out for Lindsay Lohan.”

Why does Lindsay Lohan’s personal troubles command such attention and focus?

Instead of celebrating the greatness in man, we are reassured by the failures of others.

Where is John Galt?


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