I think I met John Galt back in 2000…

Yesterday, Fabien reminded me of a great example of how one person’s positive influence had a massive impact on the  whole…

10+ years ago…. I opened a sales office for Marcus Evans in Nice, France in a small “serviced office.”

At that time there was only one “serviced office” location in Nice, and it was near the airport.

One room with 12 desks and 12 phones … one window and nothing else.

Within two training schools, Adam Fletcher and I  filled the office with young, hungry recruits from the UK.

The office was broken up into 3 teams of 4.

Each team was good, but one team was the best:  E-Espana.

It was August 2000, and these brand new recruits were working on an event to be hosted in Spain (E-Espana) the following April.

All 4 were brand new to sales, with no sales experience whatsoever….

Their first month (August) — each of them sold at least 79,000 euro.
Fabien Faure sold 159,900 euro that month, his first month in sales.

According to Fabien, it started the 3rd week when he came into the office at 8am and noticed a bus ticket which had been left on his desk by Richard McBride, one of the guys on his team.

The bus ticket was stamped:  5:15 am.

Fabien looked at Richard who smiled and said to him “glad you could make it…” and he continued to research.

Fabien was the first person on this team to sell, and according to him, he didn’t want to lose to Richard, so the next day he – himself got to the office by 6am only to discover Richard was already in the office.

Within a few days, the entire team of 4 began coming to the office by 6am …
and Richard is the one who developed, led and fostered this teams brilliant ethic and success.

Fabien remembers how it turned into a game to see who would be the first person in the office, and often one of the team was in the office by 5:15 am just to be the first one.

I am not exaggerating.

The perfect team.
When one was losing focus, the others would act like coaches helping get the person back on track.

After a few months, I sent Richard and Fabien to the Chicago office for a week of training – honestly, it was just to give them an incentive to go to America.

On the 2nd day in the Chicago office, Richard made more than 200 sales calls which shatter the Chicago office record.

Back in Nice, Richard and Team Espana had a great positive impact on the office.

Within 2 months, the tiny Nice office of just 12 people became the number 2 revenue generating office in the company – easily, doing more business than several offices with 50 – 100+ sales people.

It was a perfect machine.

Although the other teams didnt come in the office as early as Team Espana, everyone worked with the same drive  -in my opinion because of Richard.

Fabien Faure is great today, and I suggest it all began back in 2000 working with Richard McBride or was it John Galt??

The world we live in today is different to the one in 2000, however, the power of positive influence still remains the same.


2 thoughts on “I think I met John Galt back in 2000…

  1. belliappa.ap

    John Galt is always there… somewhere… he has other names like for example Richard McBride. I might be John Galt around someone, you be around someone else. There is always someone around, noone knows who, till he or she makes a difference for somebody else. you are never alone. If noone you have your positive attitude with you. Now I think I met John Galt too…

  2. Sir,

    I am sorry, I couldn’t resist to write this………

    For the last 3 years, I sit every morning, from 07.30 to 8.30, outside my office, in the foyer, even if it is cold & hot, just because I can reach my office at 7.30.

    It makes no difference to any. It is considered a treason around here, like why should you enter office before 8.30. It is not expected from good-willed employees

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