Saturday, August 20th 2011

Swim:  3,800 meters

Run:  2:47 (25km with part of the run along a steep trail)
Bike:  60 minutes

I did my swim at 7am so finished the swim earlier than normal which gave me more time to relax with Sophie and the girls … I prefer to begin training early, but during my summer vacation in Austria, Mario usually has my training begin at 9am.

I had a 3 hour run scheduled .. 25 km run around the big lake in the photo I posted on Sunday.
We did this same run a couple weeks ago, but after 2:50 minutes I started to walk … and after 3:10 Mario picked me up in his car, and I was still far from the end.

This week has been my toughest week of training yet — but today, I had a very good run .. and completed the course in 2:47.  I was so happy with my time, I stopped when I finished the course and forgot to continue to run until the 3 hour mark.

After the run, I went for an easy 60 minute bike ride .. recovery for my legs.

I am icing my knees while I type.
Tomorrow is going to be a tough final workout of the week — 4,000 meter swim, 140km bike and 25km run …

I am very impressed with Mario’s training program.  My training level has improved considerably.
It says a lot about his coaching ability, and commitment because he is doing all the bike training, and most of the run training with me.
Ridiculous to think at 52 years old, Mario not only kicks my ass … but does it without looking tired.


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