Sunday, August 21st 2011

Swim:  4,000 meters
transition less than 10 minutes
Bike:  6:15 (162km)
Run:  canceled

I swam very slow and easy because I had a hard day scheduled.  I finished the 4K swim in 1:01 (I think the swim is longer than 4,000 meters, but mario says it isnt)
I changed into my bike cloths as quickly as possible and Mario and I started our ride. 

Mario told me we would ride 120km today … and take 5 hours.  He told me “we have a few tough climbs…”
Within 20 minutes we started our first steep, long climb.  It seemed to last for 45 – 60 minutes …. I sort of kept up with Mario.
After that climb, maybe 20 minutes later we had another long steep climb and then we rode for a few hours into Germany.

I was relieved after the 2nd climb because I figured the two hardest, longest climbs were over.  Wrong.  We had many through the workout.

For a majority of the ride, we faced a strong head wind – so strong that even going down a hill with the wind in our face I was going only 23-26km an hour!  down hill.

After 3 hours we stopped to get water – and Mario told me that I was riding too slow and I had to pick up my pace.

At 5 hours we stopped again for water … after several more long climbs and the wind hammering us.

I didnt know where we were at, but I figured we must be close to where we started because it was past 5 hours of riding … then I heard Mario call Sophie on his mobile and tell her we would be there in 45 minutes…

We had several more long steep climbs back …. by now even going down hill hurt (because of the strong head wind)
Finally, after 6:15 and 162 km (ironman is 180km bike) we finished.

The entire ride had been under sun with not a cloud in the sky so both of us got a lot of sun …

I had a 90 minute run scheduled, but Mario canceled it … he told me that my legs were done for the day. 

Tomorrow (monday) is my day off and then I have 3 days of fairly easy training … my 2nd 7 day test begins this friday.

The tough training of the past 7 days gave me a lot of confidence.  Overall, my legs feel good — and even my ass no longer hurts (from all the long rides)
But today showed me that I still have a long way to go.


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