experience life to its fullest.

experience life to its fullest.


Three days ago, (here in Austria) my 7 year old daughter, Giovanna saw paragliders in the air and ask me if she could go paragliding.

I was impressed, but I expected that she might chicken out — however, I looked into it, and the next day took her to paraglide … as her big sister and I waited at the bottom of the mountain, Giovanna got into a ski gondola with the paraglide instructor, a German man who spoke no french and little english.

45 minutes later…

She paraglided down the mountain, the youngest person the experienced instructor has taken thus far.

She went paragliding two more times the next day.

I got a few concerned emails from old friends in america and one in france I have on facebook … who didnt understand how I could let my 7 year old girl do something like “paraglide.”

I explained …. Sophie I try to lead our girls to look at life as a great adventure – instead of thinking or dreaming about doing something, go out and do it.

I will have to do a blog on the idea — “do not let the fear of death prevent you from experiencing life…”  so many people waste time fearing death, and miss out on experiencing life.

Rambling on…

Today begins the last week of my summer vacation in Austria.
It is also the first day of my 2nd test week my coach has created to see where I am at physically – concerning my preparations for naseba seven.

Every day for the next 7 days, I will begin at 8am with a 4,000 meter swim, and then I will ride my bike depending on the day 120/150km bike and then depending on the day run 20km, 30km,50km.

Mario has already hinted that I will have a few surprises throughout the week, i.e. probably meaning I will do at least one full ironman this week.

My schedule for the first 3 days says 8-10 hours per day with the last 4 days 10-12 hours per day.

Two journalists are coming this week to film, interview and follow me through the week, one of the journalists is from the Gulf News and is coming all the way from Dubai.

I have purposefully, tried to keep my training journal separate from my blog – because some followers of my blog might not be interested in my training for naseba seven – but in case you didn’t know, my training journal is at the top of the blog.

Although I am still far from the summit of this mountain, I am doing everything I can to put myself in a position where I will succeed and finish my 7 ironman challenge – and this 2nd test/challenge/hell week is just another step.

I challenge you to stop sitting around dreaming … and go after your dream.
My 7 ironman in 7 days across the 7 emirates of the UAE – is not something I dreamed about doing, however, I did dream about one day being in the best shape of my life …  and I am using this challenge to achieve this dream.

Don’t just sit around waiting for your life to happen.


2 thoughts on “experience life to its fullest.

  1. Tharun Sholarajan

    If sitting in an airplane is flying, then sailing in a boat is swimming…Go out there and do the real thing. Way to go Giovanna! All the Very Best for your second test Scott!

  2. shaikh afnan

    so many people waste time fearing death, and miss out on experiencing life. This is an awesome quote Scott , i will be doing sky diving end of this year, i fear heights its going to be a great achievement for me when i accomplish this its all about overcoming my fear.

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