Saturday, August 27th 2011

naseba seven test 2

Day 2

Its all mental.

Swim:  4,000 meters (1:05)
transition 45 minutes
Bike:  120 km (4:31)
transition 10 minutes
Run:  30 km (3:30)

Total training time: 9+ hours

Yesterday, I had maybe my worst workout of my trip…. but today was one of my best.
When we got to the lake arounf 7:50 am, it was pouring down rain, and very windy.  My swim was slow not just because of the bad weather, but my goggles broke in the middle of the swim – I had to stop lay on my back for a bit and fix them.

It was pouring down rain when I finished the swim.  Mario told me as I walked out of the lake that we had to go to his gym and I would ride his turbo …. he has a special turbo which is for professional cyclists and is the real deal.  20 minute drive later …. we got to his gym and he fixed my pedals on the bike and I started right away.  I was impressed to see him get on the stationary bike next to me. 
He rode the entire time with me.

I am such a poor cyclist that I struggled to keep my speed above 30km/h with mediocre watt setting.
Ridiculously slow … but Mario is hammering me into shape. 
My biggest issue on the long rides is my ass hurts badly around the 3 hour mark.  Today was better than yesterday, but the pain still bothers me – distracts me.

I hit the 120 km at 4:31 … then I changed and waited for Mario.

As we started running … in pouring down very cold rain …. Mario said “we might have to cancel the run…”
I have never run in this type of weather before, but I felt good … and I had such a bad day yesterday that I needed to make it up on the run today.

As he scheduled, Mario stopped at 20km …. but I had to run 30km and did a 3rd lap.

It was cold and rained nearly the whole time, but I didnt walk and ran the entire way (which was my goal today)
My knees began to hurt unbearably the last 5 km …but I kept pluggin away.  (Mario says they hurt because of the cold)

I ran by a window which was like a mirror so I got to see my form …. ridiculous how poorly I run.  I have shit form – Mario told me that its too late to fix my form before naseba seven … we will have to work on it after naseba seven.  Not only am I slow, but I look like a fool when I run.

All in all a very good day of training.   I am too tired to write anymore tonight.
Tomorrow I have a 4,000 meter swim, 120 km bike and then a full marathon scheduled.


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