Tuesday, August 30th 2011

naseba seven test #2 

Day 5

Swim:  4,000 meters (1:00.31)
transition:  about 30 minutes
Bike:  122km (4:33)
transition:  about 10 minutes
Run:  20km (2:25)

total training time:  7:59


We started about 45 minutes behind schedule … I didn’t eat enough breakfast so was hungry before the swim.  Mario drove me to a bakery to get a cinnamon roll.

Swim was easy.  I was off fast, but slowed down towards the end to warm up my legs more .. kicking and shaking them getting them ready for the bike, etc.

The weather was dark, cloudy and cold .. it looked like rain.  After wasting 20 minutes fixing my bike shoe, we finally set off for our bike.
The wind was very strong – head wind.  The first couple of hours was long rolling hills … gorgeous scenery. 

Although we had several climbs, what made the bike tough today was the strong head wind which never seemed to stop.
I was noticeably tired on the climbs, but my ass didn’t hurt much … although my shoulders did/do.

The run was good – I got into my slow rhythm … I can’t go faster.  My goal was to “not walk” and to “break 2:15.”
I didn’t walk, but I didn’t break 2:15 … I crossed the line at 2:25.

Today was cold and dark … not too exciting.
My body is holding up nicely.  I swim well, and consistent;  my ass literally doesn’t hurt much anymore;  my neck isn’t too sore; and my legs are holding up well.
So far – NO blisters.  No shin splints (although Mario told me shin splints occur when you run fast – and I responded, “I don’t need to worry about them because I run so slow.”)

Its nearly 10pm and I am off to bed.
tomorrow we have the film crew, and a reporter from Dubai – and I will have a 4k swim, 120km bike and 30km run …


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