what is your rolex challenge this year?

Two years ago, I started something at naseba called the Rolex Explorer Challenge

The challenge:  Over the course of the year, whoever in the company does the most exceptional thing in their personal life outside of work wins a Rolex Explorer watch.

Last year, the GM of our office in Kuala Lumpur got 7 people in his office to fly 1000 kms to East Malaysia at their own expense to climb Mt Kinabalu, the 20th tallest mountain in the world.   4 of them summited

We had several employees lose weight and get in shape – two women lost more than 30 kilo …

Two guys in our Dubai office went to Katmandu and spent a week in an orphanage, and donated $5,000 of their own money to the orphanage.

Last year’s winner, a 25 year old woman from Bangalore, India lost more than 10 kilo and for the first time in her life she start to run – over 9 months, she ran 3 full marathons and completed a 50 mile race.

As a result of the Rolex challenge, we now have a running club in our Dubai office with 44 members and 27 of them ran the Dubai ½ marathon this year.

A few examples for this year’s challenge:  2 people are training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro; three people are fulfilling a lifelong dream of driving across America; one person is getting his pilot licenses; another is training and competing  in his first ironman… and one guy in our Bangalore office is riding his bike across India …

Not to mention the many employees who have quit smoking and lost weight…

The idea of the challenge was to get people to start making their lives happen; the more focused they are in their personal lives … the more focused and committed they are at work.

But more importantly, the Rolex Explorer Challenge epitomizes our corporate culture.

It typifies our “core values” and ensures we are living them – we are making them happen.

I reiterate:

It’s not about the glory of one individual…

It’s about the whole company coming together and living our core values – not just leaving them on the “about us” section on our website.


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