we live in time with a culture of lying…

we live in time with a culture of lying…

For many weeks, too many people have wasted their time and energy enthusiastically discussing Lance Armstrong, with a majority of the people expressing outrage and anger towards this fallen hero.

The best comment I saw about Lance Armstrong was by some comedian….
The comedian pointed out that everyone was doping — how 20 out of the top 20 all doped, thus if everyone was doping, Lance was not getting an advantage, he was just levelling the playing field.

He furthered it by saying,

“Our roided up guy is better than your roided up guy….”

Personally – I don’t care at all whether he doped or didn’t dope – this all has zero impact on my life.

I don’t waste any energy having an opinion on the situation.


I wonder the % of people who are so outraged and expressing so much anger ….
I wonder how many of them are honest, and don’t lie?

It’s the world we live in today — people lie, cheat, and steal … with the only concern of getting caught.

We live in a time with a culture of lying…

This culture of lying is founded in selfishness….lying, cheating, stealing … not worrying about being honorable – only worrying about not getting caught.

It’s too complicated and long winded to discuss when/why it all changed … and what went wrong…

The concept of “man of honor…” seems to be long forgotten.

… Cormac McCarthy so eloquently puts it:

“once you quit hearing sir and ma’am, the rest is soon to follow…”

A few weeks ago, I spent a couple days with my 91 and 96 year old grandparents.

My grandfather is a man with a flawless character; he is the most honourable man I have ever met.
A true southern gentleman.
Over lunch, we discussed how different the world is today than it was when he was a young adult …

I am 42 years old … and I remember back to when I was younger, and the honor code at school, and how this “honor code” meant something to a majority of the students.

Of course some people cheated, and stole – but a majority did not because it was ‘dishonourable.’

Now a days?

Honor code??? Ha! No way.

But in my opinion, it’s all about looking for short cuts to the top of the mountain; looking for short cuts to achieve.

Too many people have forgotten that the man at the top of the mountain did not fall there.









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