do you want to be good or great at what you do?

My goal in life is to become great.

Or maybe “exceptional” is a better choice of word.

I am far from becoming either, but I am focused and aspire to become.

I am sure if I asked you: do you want to be good OR do you want to be great?
I am sure most people would say they want to become great.

But are your actions those of someone who is aspiring greatness?

Whether it’s being great at your job; being great as a business man/woman; or being a great parent, friend, husband, wife, etc …

Do your actions reflect the actions of someone who is aspiring to greatness?

There is nothing wrong with only aspiring to be good at something.

For most people, being good is enough.

But if you aspire to be great, you need to reflect on your actions and ask yourself if your focus and actions are those of someone who wants to become great?

All the time, I get employees telling me, “Scott, I want to be great …”

Many many people over the years have said to me, “I want to be the best,”
and many of them are good/became good, but their actions in the office do not or never reflect “greatness.”

If work starts at 9 and you come to work at 8:45 every day … or you leave as soon as its 6pm…
does this reflect greatness?

Because surely, the best in your office (no matter where you work or what you do) .. whether it’s the best sales person or the best marketing or the best manager, etc .. surely the best in your office are the ones in the office the earliest and staying the latest.

I think of Fabien Faure, Managing Director of Naru Capital and future CEO for us in Asia.

Fabien is a father of two, but he is in the office nearly every day by 7:30am …
Before naseba, 14 years ago, back in the days when he was the best salesman in the company we worked, I remember him coming to work at 5:00am to research. When one of the other people in the same office asked him why he came so early, he replied “because I want to become great at what I do.”

Fabien’s consistent actions reflect someone who wants to be great. And it’s no coincidence that he has become great at what he does.

There is nothing wrong with just being good and only striving to be good … but don’t tell yourself or the people around you that you want to be great.

Look around you … whether at the gym, your job, your friends…
I guarantee, the greatest are the ones who are the most focused and putting in the most effort.

My challenge to the reader: think about this today.
Do you want to become good? Or do you want to become great?

If you decide you want to become great, then make sure your actions reflect those of greatness.


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