RAAM 015 –  the adventure begins…

RAAM 015 – the adventure begins…

marko and scott 015

Today, June 16th at 13:40 local time in Oceanside, California I will start my Race Across America … and I have 11 days to ride my bike to Annapolis.

I attempted this race in 013, but I failed half way … When times got tough …to quote Jules, a friend of mine and a crew this time, as he says  – I quit like a “pussy ass bitch”

I know from experience … it’s so much easier to just sit around and talk about what we are going to do tomorrow.

…at the end of the day, it comes down to this simple thought:  “but I have to make it happen.”

Team naseba will be uploading videos and guest blogs throughout the coming 11 days, and posting videos on naseba facebook and twitter.

As you go through these 10 days … think about your own goals.

Are you making them happen?


3 thoughts on “RAAM 015 – the adventure begins…

  1. Good Luck Man!!!!

    Have the mind set to win and you will surly finish. Have the mindset to finish and well….

    Win that bitch!!!


  2. Sara Bartels

    Just met your crew in the Walmart shopping center in Cortez, CO. You were catching some zzzzz. Keep pedaling!!! I’ll be following you to the east coast.

  3. hi scott…. How was the race … In life somethings are meant to challenge us and move beyond our limits ..

    If you have finished the race i congratulate U ..

    Incase U have failed again … Just like the baby .. Just stand up and walk again….

    Success is there in perseverance ..

    You will complete RAAM …

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