doing one’s best is to be expected.

Last week, I was cc’d on someone’s role memo which outlined KPIs in the coming 3 months.

The employee replied cc’íng me:  “I will do my best!”

As I read the guys email,  I thought to myself;  does this mean he normally only gives us about 70% effort??  Because this time he says he is going to give us his “best.”


Each time someone said to me:   “I will do my best,” invariably, the person failed at achieving what was expected of them.
Therefore, each time someone says this expression to me, deep down inside I am expecting to be disappointed in their performance.

Think about it for a second…
Why do people say to their boss or friend or partner or whoever:  “I will do my best…”

Doing “one’s best” is to be expected.

Achieve or not achieve … it’s as simple as that.

But let’s be frank and honest.
The only reason people use the expression “I will do my best” is because deep down inside they are not confident they can or will achieve what is expected of them.

When he/she doesn’t achieve what was expected, they can always hide behind the ol’ “I did my best…”

It’s a pretext for failure.

Just do your job/role/goal until the end … and ensure you do everything necessary to achieve whatever it is you are expected to achieve; or whatever goal it is you want to achieve.

The new year is upon us … and many people are excitedly writing out new year’s resolution, aspirations which they want to achieve in 2017.

This year — Instead of telling people  “I am going to do my best…” just make sure you do everything necessary to stay consistent and focused so you ACHIEVE.


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