geopolitics and black people in America

I have not posted a blog for a while because it’s a challenge not to get sucked into a discussion on things in our world today without becoming consumed by negativity.

But I do have a funny story …

Two weeks ago in Dubai, I was at a dinner party where I met a well-traveled, ex-military, fellow American who has lived in Dubai for several years.
He has his own consultancy firm and travels/works in what seems like all the dodgy countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

We spoke for a little bit, and each of us shared some of our funny stories and adventures in the region, but I made the mistake of gently…. very gently, mentioning my thoughts on the root to all the geopolitical mess in the region… but, quickly, he cut me off, and spoke to me as if I was some uneducated fool.

He told me “this conversation is over…”

Instantly, I realized I was probably speaking to a special secret friend from the US gov’t, so I reiterated (gently) that I wasn’t saying my opinion was right, and its not something I am out there pushing, but from my extensive experience in this region one has to wonder…

But the man had already walked away.

I would like to add that this is the first time in my adult life where someone spoke down to me in such a way… but, it was a good experience.
If anything, it gave me a chance to build more character.

Needless to say, I didn’t make a new friend.

Rambling on …

I just came back from an amazing 5 day business/personal trip to Rwanda where i got to meet the Prime Minister and experience first hand the incredible success story of Rwanda – I will post a blog on that adventure later this week.

A few day before my trip, there was a “terrorist attack” in London where 4 people were killed and 29 injured.

For several days, there was global attention on this horrific attack… it was nonstop on CNN, especially, when we learned that the attacker was an aspiring Muslim terrorist.

I couldn’t help but think to myself how in Chicago, LA, DC and other big cities in America stuff like 4 people being attacked and killed over a weekend is nothing…but, I cant say that without upsetting some friends.

By chance … I was scrolling the news today, and I stumbled on a story i had not heard about — it was the 5th headline buried within the US news section on a major site — an article and video on a very recent shooting at a night club in Cincinnati, Ohio … where some black guy opened fire and killed at least one person and wounded 17 more … with several of the injured near death.

In fact, there have been 71 “mass shootings” in America in 017, and since none of them have anything to do with geopolitical agenda’s, we hear very little about them.

71 mass shootings in 3 month…

I bet all of Europe, Japan, and China combined do not have 71 mass shootings in the past 12 months.

Ok, you can call me naive… because in my opinion, another mass shooting in America where multiple people are killed and injured is at least worthy of commanding half the press that the attack in London commanded, esp. by the US media … however, that didn’t happen.

Then it all clicked … Never mind.

The shooter in Cincinnati and probably most of the people injured in that mass shooting are black and in the grand scheme of things (now a days) black Americans unless they are Muslim have zero impact on pushing the global geopolitical discussion.


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