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too much hustling and overselling instead of just letting your success sell for you?

This morning I read in the WSJ that Apple has more than $250 billion in cash reserves.

According to the article, the company spends very little on marketing, and a majority of the money they spend goes into research and development.

Interesting to consider with all those cash reserves, Apple leadership hasn’t bent under pressure from shareholders … and hasn’t jumped into acquiring companies just for the sake of acquiring.

Instead they spend their money making their products better.

When I shared this article with naseba’s CEO, Sophie Leray, she pointed out:  “they don’t spend money trying to sell the product.  They spend money on the product, and the product sells itself.”

I really like her comment.

The focus of today is not Apple and how brilliant the company is or isn’t … I don’t own an iphone so I am not secretly pushing a certain Apple promotion.

However, let’s consider that concept of trying to sell vs just allowing something to sell itself because it is so good.

As a business leader this is my entire focus — to get to the point where naseba’s service offering and success rate for clients become so consistent our service completely sells itself.

For me, I aspire naseba to become like Goldman Sachs … or Rothschild & Co both institutions with such proven track records of long term success, people are lucky to become their clients.

I understand to achieve this level of success, one must focus and invest on the quality of the product and service with a long term vision – not just try and get quick wins.

Now let’s flip this to a more personal discussion.

How many people are out there pushing, self-promoting, and hustling themselves … trying to sell themselves before they are as good as they think they are?

Of course, it’s a dog eat dog world these days and one has to be aggressive promoting… however, I wonder how many people have lost out on great opportunities because they spent too much time trying to sell themselves, rather than ensuring their results, performance, character, attitude and long term vision was already proven.

Think about it for a second …

Instead of all the time and energy people are giving to selling and promoting themselves, what if they spent/invested the same amount of time into getting better at their job?

At the end of the day, performance and ultimately, consistent results are the only thing that matter.

Our world is so focused on the quick – short term win… the long term goal seems to have been forgotten.

Don’t fall in the trap of just selling and hustling yourself before you have achieved … let your performance, but more importantly, your results speak/sell for you.

End note:

According to what I read on Apple, the cash reserves strategy started with Jobs in 1990 when they nearly went bankrupt.
He didn’t want to ever be in that situation again, so they begun saving.

He learned from mistakes and the rest is history.

We all make mistakes.
The key is learning from our mistakes — getting back up smarter … and then just keep on climbing.


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