40 days and 40 nights fasting and prayer…

40 days and 40 nights fasting and prayer…

My first meal after 40 days of fasting…

Last week, I completed my 3rd “40 days and 40 nights” water fast.

This is my 2nd 40 day strict water fast in 2020 … (I did a 41 day fast from Jan 11th – Feb 23rd) because this year, 2020 is my 49th year, my goal is to do 3 x 40 day fasts within this year with a focus on fasting and prayer. 

I am not sharing this discussion on my fast to boast or to look cool, but to try and inspire people esp. my Christian friends and readers to get into fasting.

Whether you are Christian or not … prayer and fasting is magical and crazy positive things happen each time I fast.

My next 40 day fast will be from Sept. 1st.  Until then, I fast 3 x a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). 

I DO NOT have an eating disorder. I just enjoy the experience and gain a lot spiritually from fasting.

Fasting is very very healthy. 

I have personally witnessed fasting cure stage 4 cancer.

… there is loads of information on the net about how fasting has proven to cure even cancer.

I posted this same photo that I am using at the top of this blog on my facebook … and a few people say that I look ill. 

But I think it comes down to perspective on what looks “ill” vs what looks “healthy.”

I am not training for an endurance challenge right now; and since it was COVID-19 lockdown in France, I did not do anything, but fast and prayer for the 40 days …

I DO NOT CARE about the negative comments telling me I look bad or sick – if anything, the negativity helps keep me focused.

Although my 40 day fast was focused on prayer…there is a very positive health benefit with fasting.

I am 49 years old and weigh the same as I did when I was a 15/16 years old Junior in high school; my body fat % is just above 10%, but well under 11%.

This year, my goal is to be healthy and lean, not muscular. 

Of course, at the end of a 41 day strict water fast, I was emaciated and very thin, but  … since my fast is over, I have gained a couple kilo, but I want to maintain this lean-ness. For spiritual reasons, I continue to fast 3 days a week.

A few days after my 40 day fast from January 11th – Feb 22, 2020

Fasting is NOT difficult.

The hardest part about fasting is the negativity you will get from the people around you.

As discussed in other blogs I have posted on my previous fasts, the process of strict water fasting is very simple. 

The process:

You drink only water — there is NO need to add fancy Himalayan salt to your water. 

When I fast – I drink bottled water (Evian, Volvic or a cheap French brand) and that is it.

I do not drink any juice. I do not add lemon, not even a lemon slice to my water — I only drink water.

I do not take any supplements or vitamins, etc.  (even when I am not fasting, I do not take supplements or vitamins)

The first 5-7 days is a challenge ….

You will be hungry, and uncomfortable — but you must understand… of course you will be uncomfortable, you are not eating — that is the point.

Fasting is not meant to be easy.

HOWEVER you are NOT going to die from fasting a few days so fight the hunger and keep going.

Don’t stop…because after 5 days, your hunger will be gone – and you will begin to feel a fasting high, and you will have non stop, constant energy.

Note:  The healthier your diet, the easier and quicker the first 3-5 days will be. 

Example – because I fast so often,  my body is already fairly clean, thus I don’t have the same detoxing issues and almost no strong hunger pains, and usually after 3 days, my hunger is gone.

Normally, after 5-7 days your hunger is completely gone and the fast will become easy — but you still need to ensure you drink lots of water.

DON’T over think fasting. 

Too many people over think fasting and worry over nothing …

You are NOT going to die from a 21 day water fast!!!!!

You DO NOT need to be supervised when you fast.

Personally, I do not need a coach when I fast — therefore, I have never been supervised while fasting … and I know many other people who have fasted without being supervised.

The people who say you must be supervised when you fast, surely are trying to sell you fasting services or coaching. 


Most people have extra body fat stores, thus most people can easily fast 21-40 day without any problem….because when it is time for your body to stop fasting, you will become uncontrollably hungry and then you will eat. 

No problem. There is so much crap and misinformation out there about fasting.

Please …. please …. please …. Don’t listen to the stuff on YouTube or Facebook and the people moaning and moaning about how hard it is to fast…

To be honest — fasting 14, 21 and even 40 days is NOT as difficult as it sounds.

However… You must want to fast more than you want to eat.

If you have never fasted before — DO NOT try to fast 40 days right away. 

If you have never fasted before … I suggest you fast for 14 – 21 days …. the hardest part is the first 5-7 days, After that, fasting is very easy.

I always recommend people to fast for 21 days because it’s a great achievement —- but importantly, if you can fast 10-14 days, you can easily fast an extra week … and during a 3 week water fast, you will lose a lot of weight and detox your body — fasting is massively healthy.

Most importantly, fasting for 21 days is a great achievement – and it will have a positive impact on you, as well as people around you.

Also, spiritually, going 21 days only drinking water … will be of a tremendous benefit whether you are Christian or not.

Negatives of long fasts:

For me the main negative is insomnia. 

I get severe insomnia when I do long fasts.

Many days I would get less than 3 hours of sleep …. But incredibly…even with such little sleep,  I still felt great during the day.

Fasting is not very social.

I am sure most people who break their fast sooner than they planned is mainly because they are bored. 

For some reason, people put such a big emphasis on “social” … and I know too many people who tried to fast for a certain period of time … but quit before achieving their goal because they missed “eating” and the social aspect of eating.

But is eating and socializing really worth it??? 

To stop a fast a few days earlier than your goal because you miss eating with your buddies…is it really worth it? 


I fast so often that I no longer get constipated, but I know most people who begin water fasting experience constipation — and too many people quit their fast because they worry for nothing over their constipation.

My advice is drink lots and lots of water and when its time, you will go to the toilet – don’t worry. Remember – you are not eating, therefore, you dont have anything to crap out except excess stuff you have inside you …

For me — After day 2, I normally don’t have to take a crap for several weeks …because there is nothing left in me.

To be honest … I can’t think of any other negatives of fasting. I love to fast.

Positive of fasting:

Many many positive things from fasting….

Detox your body from all the sugar as well as the chemicals in our food, esp. For the people who live in America and eat meat.

You will lose a lot of weight

You will feel amazing (after you get over the first 5-7 days)

You will have a positive impact on some of your friends and family.

It’s biblical … “when you fast…”  NOT “if you fast.” 

I enthusiastically/highly/strongly recommend fasting to all my Christian friends and family. You will experience magical, supernatural breakthrough – if you focus on the fasting with prayer.

Dry Fasting

In 2019, I fasted 140 days .. mostly, broken up into 3 day dry fasts.

(From my experience) I think it is a myth that dry fasting is 3 x more effective on ones health than water fasting.

I do not see much of a difference in the health aspect of dry vs water including % of fat burning during dry vs water.

Personally, I like to dry fast – and for me, dry fasting is easier than water fasting.  The only real negative of dry fasting is that I can not exercise while I am dry fasting and I get tired easily.

In 2019, I did many 3 day dry fasts as well as 6 x 5 day dry … 1 x 7 day dry and 1 x 10 day dry fast.

I also did a 3 x 21-24 day water fasts.

I dry fast for spiritual reasons.

The longest dry fast I have experienced was 10 days.

Your body creates water from your fat stores – so as long as you have extra body fat, your body will be able to generate water.

I want to reiterate:   I dry fast for spiritual reasons; and although I love to dry fast, I do not recommend dry fasting to people who have never fasted before.

My final thoughts

If you want to water fast, read about it so you know what to expect – pick a period of time, organize your life around the fast, and then make it happen.


Fasting is much easier than people think.

If you are Christian … get into fasting, especially if you need a breakthrough in your life.  Fasting and prayer is magical.

Check out the following sermons on YouTube: 
“Derek Prince – fasting and prayer”  and “Jentzen Franklin – fasting and prayer”

For more detailed information – checkout my previous blogs.




32 thoughts on “40 days and 40 nights fasting and prayer…

  1. Hi Scott, i hope you’re well.

    I’m writing to you from Brazil. Today i’m achieving my 26th day of my first 40-day water fast.
    The reason i’m doing this comes from a meditation which i had this errand from Spirituality to do a fast like Jesus on the desert.
    I never did any kind of fast before, i was in a very dangerous situation on my health:
    obese, hypertensive, smoker, sedentary, and close to turning 41 years old.

    And what a i can say is that, exactly like you said: after 5-7 days it becomes pretty much “easier”!!!

    One of my most importante source of inspiration to do it was your blog, specially the post you published on 2018’s February. It teaches me a lot not only about the fast proccess itself, but how to deal with negativity around me and the right way to prepare my environment to do my fast.

    As you said, the fasting is a quiet time, to think and pray, and i’m experiencing a need to stay alone, not to gather with friends and so on.

    I’d like to thany you so much to share your experience, inspire me, and indirectly teache me how to win this challenge!

    Now, i still have two more weeks to go and in any moment i had some doubt about to win it!

    God bless you, mate!

    • thanks for your message — great effort making 26 days (by now 27) happen … you are very close — but be prepared for the last week to become a big mental challenge … but if you are heavy, and carrying extra weight — for certain you can fast another 2 weeks without any difficulty- but just be prepared for it to become a harder mental challenge.

      Please drop me a message at day 30 and then again at day 35. keep going!!!

      • Hi Scott, how are you?

        I only saw your reply today. We won this 33th day with honor and glory!!!

        Until now i’m still fine, with my mind strong, no conflicts to quit at all.

        I’d like to ask you about the return of solid nutrition, how was your proccess? What did you eaten on the first days?

        I’m inclined to adopt a plant based diet for the most of time, but i’m a little worried about the impact of the first meals on my organism, what do you advise me?

        In time: until today i lost 20kg, and in these last 14 days i’m doing exercises, something i never did before. My girlfriend is a personal trainer, so she is taking care on me with this issue.

        Bless you!!!

        • eat watermelon and soup …. and dont worry about this. I had miso soup, and watermelon … but i did have a full large pizza on day 2 and half a french baguette with butter.
          i am not the best at giving advice for breaking the fast. good job and no matter what … go to the end of your goal. you are nearly there.

          • Hi Scott, this was the 35th day and our victory is near!!!
            I’m feeling insomnia as yountold on your first post, now i’m about 46 hours awaken, but my mood is great and i’m not feeling tired.

            I’m pretty excited to achive the goal on next monday!!! I eliminated 22kgs until now, i was first level obese (125kg) and it’s simply amazing to see my clothes too large on me!!!

            I’m keeping my exercise routine disciplinated and anxious to finish this fast to go to gym to make my next purpose: to build an athletic body, with six pack abs and so on!!!

            Cheer on me, i’m almost there!!!

            Best wishes!

          • great job. do not stop … no matter what. the last couple days might be a mental challenge … but stay strong.
            its definitely worth a few nights of insomnia to achieve your first 40 day fast. BUT … make sure you do not fall back into your bad eating habits. By Monday you will have lost at least 26 kg so stay focused.

          • you have 4 days left? you began the fast you were 125kg? so you are down to around 100kg now? stay strong and dont quit until you achieve your goal.

          • Hi Scott, i”m pretty strong!!! Today it’s the 39th day and it’s been really easy. On June 12th was Valentine’s Day here in Brazil, i cooked a dinner to my girfriend and not even tasted the food while cooking, instead of if i asked her to taste. Even in this challenge was easy. Tomorrow will be the last day, i’m so happy to know i’ll achieve this goal even never tried any kind of fasting before!!!
            Today my weight it 103kg, i don’t think i’ll reach two digits, but with the mindset i have now, will be easier to do that.
            Today i said to my girlfriend that i’m thinking it’s so easy to fast absolutely for 40 days and nights that i’m willing to make at least two per year, and planning the next to start in next November.

            Tomorrow, at midnight, i’ll send you a message to inform you that my goal was reached!!!

            Thanks for the support and good energy!

          • Hi mate, i did it!!!

            I finished my first 40-days and 40-nights water fasting!!!

            There’s no such feeling to describe what i’m feeling!!!

            Thanks for the support!!!

            God bless you!!!

  2. Vinay Martin

    Hi Scott, you are spiritually connected now! Happy to see that, wish you happiness, love and good health.

    I have decided to start fasting 3 days a week for a month and then take the 21 day Fast.

    I am used to keeping Lent and be a vegan post sunset for 40 days. This will surely be a new experience.

    Keep sharing and take care.

    Lots of love!

  3. Great post, I am currently fasting (day 13) and reading posts on the benefits fasting motivates me to continue. Agree with your take on ignoring the naysayers, most people are afraid to skip a day of eating much less fast for days on end. I generally don’t tell people when I plan to break my fast and take it one day at a time.

    • hey, great job fasting 13 days. make 21 days happen. if you have fasted 13 days … you can easily fast another week, and 21 days is an iconic length … and will allow you to detox your body and mind … plus you will have a huge positive impact on your close friends and family … and ideally it will inspire them to get into fasting.
      i have thought of you several times over these months, and appreciate your first comment.
      if you decide to go for 21 days, let me know, and keep me posted.

  4. Thank you, still going strong as my goal is 40 days. I find that I derive more health benefits the longer I stick to the fast so I have every incentive to go for as long as I can.

    Your posts on getting rid of excess to gain heightened clarity on life’s simple pleasures resonated deeply with me. I initially got into fasting to get rid of excess body fat I was carrying, to control my addiction to unnatural highly processed foods and train my body to appreciate the flavor of natural foods. I think we in the West are trained as consumers to seek a constant high, to always be on the hedonic treadmill. It blunts our ability to enjoy things in their baseline state, to recognize the beauty in everyday present moment…the result being we’re never in the present moment, always fixing after another “high”. Fasting has taught me to un-learn many of these self destructive addictions, I have never returned to the past habits which took away my time, energy and happiness.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts on these interrelated subjects, terrific work.

    • interesting … the next blog i am going to post ideally by the end of today is related to this very theme you mentioned.

      Are you religious? if so, what religion?

  5. Looking forward to that post, your content is very informative

    I am an atheist but I am interested in all things spiritual and mystical. My hometown is Konya – home of Rumi – so there is a strong spiritual Sufi strain there. I’ve learnt about the Sufi fakirs and their ascetic practices (fasting, minimalism, etc.) while I was visiting the Mevlana Museum. I now live in the US but used to take trips back to Turkey twice a year before this pandemic.

  6. Thank you so much for this report 😀! Thanks to God you’re safe, because it means I will also survive my next waterfast. I thought your first 40 day fast a few years ago (2018?) had incapacitated you because you disappeared. That blog encouraged me to complete a 40day water fast. It was my first attempt at water fasting — the rest had been intermittent fasting. Now that you’re back, I’m encouraged to plan my next… I dont know how long it should be though 😂

    • i didnt disappear – i fasted more than 140 days in 019. I dont blog about all my fasting.
      what is the longest you have fasted?

      • 40 days and 40 nights was my longest. It was in the cold season. All the other 4 seasons of Botswana are so hot that afterwards, I always fell short of 2 weeks. The cold does wonders for me. I’m now on day 8 of my water fast.

          • I’m on day 18. I started aiming for 40 because I managed to finish it last year. But now I’m just waiting for my 21st night to end so that I can eat. REASON: unswallowable saliva…unswallowable water.. bitter taste in the mouth. I spit throughout the day and night. Lol, I wonder why no one in this blog is suffering from it. Any help, Scott? If it weren’t for this 1 problem, 40 was going to be easy. I experienced the same problem when I did the 40 last year. Apart from this small problem, my body and mind are strong.

          • as weird as this sounds to my non believing friends, pray and meditate on it … and maybe it will go away. the only real negative i experience is insomnia and ultimately, i sleep less than 3 hours a night many days later in the fast.

            i have never experienced what you refer. what about trying a perrier? or a sparkling water?

            21 days is still very good. let me know how you end up

  7. I also find dry fasting easier than water fasting. But it requires higher determination.

    It is a pure mental challenge.

    p.s. After reading your post I will give this 40 day water challenge a try later this year.

  8. brother, just reread your article

    you do not cite any psalms, proverbs or verses that you use in difficult moments during the fast

    are there any particular that you find most helpful?

    p.s. Prince’s YT video was excellent

    • Derek Prince’s “prayer and fasting” sermons are great – and I have watched them all several times over.
      Mahesh Chavda has a great book on fasting and prayer — i highly recommend it.

      As for not mentioning more in my blogs … I try not to inflict my faith onto the readers … thus as of now, try to be a shinning light and not discuss too much my faith.
      However – Psalms 23, Det 11-12 and all of Isaiah 43.

      ideally, through being a light in the darkness, it will bring people to see the way.

  9. The sparkling water you suggested tastes glorious!! I’m amazed 😃! Scott you’re a gift from above.
    I’m psychologically stuck with ending at 21 days though. 40 days ñext time.

  10. Thank you for emphasizing it is biblical to fast, (and pray). As important as it is learning how to fast it is even more important to learn how to break a fast. Diving back into, for instance the standard american diet could surely kill you. you have to restart your digestive system slowly and calmly.

  11. You inspire me Scott. I feel the same way about water fasting like you. Wrapping up my 7th day today. I feel not hungry at all but I fancy food. I am keeping busy by creating meal plans to stay fit and have weight off of me for a long time when I break my fast. My longest fast was 13 days last year in July. I had many mini fasts since lasting up to 7 days. This time though, my goal is to pass 21 days and see how I am feeling. Good luck to all fellow fasters here and thank you Scott for your sharing your experience! Cheers!

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