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ode to Sean Parker…

I recently, saw the movie “Social Network” supposedly, the story about facebook and how it began.
I enjoyed the movie very much.

However, for me …. the real “great story” in the movie and book is Sean Parker’s story.

Sean …

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Mike Vick and the power of second chances….

We have all made mistakes; we’ve all made poor choices which negatively impacted us.

To be frank:  everyone has fucked up once or twice in their lives …

What’s important is learning from our mistakes, and climbing higher.

A couple …

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Miki Weiss, 2nd place at Monaco 70.3 Ironman

Miki Weiss, 2nd place at Monaco 70.3 Ironman

For the past week, Mario “team leader” Huys and Michael “Miki” Weiss have been staying at my apartment in Roquebrunne, France.

Michael “Miki” Weiss is an austrian professional triathlete and ex-pro-mountain biker who is sponsored by a naseba company, ambitionlife. …

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The story of naseba is almost too incredible to believe …

In 2002, I was living in London and working for one of the biggest conference companies in the world. During the 4 years I worked for that company, I …

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