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“Pressure is a privilege”

I intentionally keep naseba separate from this blog, however, as we are recruiting for Beirut and Mumbai, as well as for our current offices in Dubai and KL , I will use this entry to focus on naseba and to

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ode to Sean Parker…

I recently, saw the movie “Social Network” supposedly, the story about facebook and how it began.
I enjoyed the movie very much.

However, for me …. the real “great story” in the movie and book is Sean Parker’s story.

Sean …

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Mike Vick and the power of second chances….

We have all made mistakes; we’ve all made poor choices which negatively impacted us.

To be frank:  everyone has fucked up once or twice in their lives …

What’s important is learning from our mistakes, and climbing higher.

A couple …

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importance of core values: making sure the team has the same core values

This blog is motivated by an email I received yesterday from an old staff who worked for me in Shanghai back in 1999 … I havent heard from this person since 2000, but his email and his mention of a

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ode to the old school

Over the years, people have asked me “who is the best sales person” I have ever seen… however, what is much more interesting to discuss is who is the best “sales team” I have ever seen …

In my opinion, …

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something to think about (again)

We are hammered every single day by companies selling us short cuts….

“lose weight without dieting…”

“get in shape without exercising…”

“learn french the fast and easy way…”

“lose weight while you sleep..”

The above are verbadim quotes taken from

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