40 days and 40 nights fasting and prayer…

40 days and 40 nights fasting and prayer…

My first meal after 40 days of fasting…

Last week, I completed my 3rd “40 days and 40 nights” water fast.

This is my 2nd 40 day strict water fast in 2020 … (I did a 41 day fast from Jan 11th – Feb 23rd) because this year, 2020 is my 49th year, my goal is to do 3 x 40 day fasts within this year with a focus on fasting and prayer. 

I am not sharing this discussion on my fast to boast or to look cool, but to try and inspire people esp. my Christian friends and readers to get into fasting.

Whether you are Christian or not … prayer and fasting is magical and crazy positive things happen each time I fast.

My next 40 day fast will be from Sept. 1st.  Until then, I fast 3 x a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). 

I DO NOT have an eating disorder. I just enjoy the experience and gain a lot spiritually from fasting.

Fasting is very very healthy. 

I have personally witnessed fasting cure stage 4 cancer.

… there is loads of information on the net about how fasting has proven to cure even cancer.

I posted this same photo that I am using at the top of this blog on my facebook … and a few people say that I look ill. 

But I think it comes down to perspective on what looks “ill” vs what looks “healthy.”

I am not training for an endurance challenge right now; and since it was COVID-19 lockdown in France, I did not do anything, but fast and prayer for the 40 days …

I DO NOT CARE about the negative comments telling me I look bad or sick – if anything, the negativity helps keep me focused.

Although my 40 day fast was focused on prayer…there is a very positive health benefit with fasting.

I am 49 years old and weigh the same as I did when I was a 15/16 years old Junior in high school; my body fat % is just above 10%, but well under 11%.

This year, my goal is to be healthy and lean, not muscular. 

Of course, at the end of a 41 day strict water fast, I was emaciated and very thin, but  … since my fast is over, I have gained a couple kilo, but I want to maintain this lean-ness. For spiritual reasons, I continue to fast 3 days a week.

A few days after my 40 day fast from January 11th – Feb 22, 2020

Fasting is NOT difficult.

The hardest part about fasting is the negativity you will get from the people around you.

As discussed in other blogs I have posted on my previous fasts, the process of strict water fasting is very simple. 

The process:

You drink only water — there is NO need to add fancy Himalayan salt to your water. 

When I fast – I drink bottled water (Evian, Volvic or a cheap French brand) and that is it.

I do not drink any juice. I do not add lemon, not even a lemon slice to my water — I only drink water.

I do not take any supplements or vitamins, etc.  (even when I am not fasting, I do not take supplements or vitamins)

The first 5-7 days is a challenge ….

You will be hungry, and uncomfortable — but you must understand… of course you will be uncomfortable, you are not eating — that is the point.

Fasting is not meant to be easy.

HOWEVER you are NOT going to die from fasting a few days so fight the hunger and keep going.

Don’t stop…because after 5 days, your hunger will be gone – and you will begin to feel a fasting high, and you will have non stop, constant energy.

Note:  The healthier your diet, the easier and quicker the first 3-5 days will be. 

Example – because I fast so often,  my body is already fairly clean, thus I don’t have the same detoxing issues and almost no strong hunger pains, and usually after 3 days, my hunger is gone.

Normally, after 5-7 days your hunger is completely gone and the fast will become easy — but you still need to ensure you drink lots of water.

DON’T over think fasting. 

Too many people over think fasting and worry over nothing …

You are NOT going to die from a 21 day water fast!!!!!

You DO NOT need to be supervised when you fast.

Personally, I do not need a coach when I fast — therefore, I have never been supervised while fasting … and I know many other people who have fasted without being supervised.

The people who say you must be supervised when you fast, surely are trying to sell you fasting services or coaching. 


Most people have extra body fat stores, thus most people can easily fast 21-40 day without any problem….because when it is time for your body to stop fasting, you will become uncontrollably hungry and then you will eat. 

No problem. There is so much crap and misinformation out there about fasting.

Please …. please …. please …. Don’t listen to the stuff on YouTube or Facebook and the people moaning and moaning about how hard it is to fast…

To be honest — fasting 14, 21 and even 40 days is NOT as difficult as it sounds.

However… You must want to fast more than you want to eat.

If you have never fasted before — DO NOT try to fast 40 days right away. 

If you have never fasted before … I suggest you fast for 14 – 21 days …. the hardest part is the first 5-7 days, After that, fasting is very easy.

I always recommend people to fast for 21 days because it’s a great achievement —- but importantly, if you can fast 10-14 days, you can easily fast an extra week … and during a 3 week water fast, you will lose a lot of weight and detox your body — fasting is massively healthy.

Most importantly, fasting for 21 days is a great achievement – and it will have a positive impact on you, as well as people around you.

Also, spiritually, going 21 days only drinking water … will be of a tremendous benefit whether you are Christian or not.

Negatives of long fasts:

For me the main negative is insomnia. 

I get severe insomnia when I do long fasts.

Many days I would get less than 3 hours of sleep …. But incredibly…even with such little sleep,  I still felt great during the day.

Fasting is not very social.

I am sure most people who break their fast sooner than they planned is mainly because they are bored. 

For some reason, people put such a big emphasis on “social” … and I know too many people who tried to fast for a certain period of time … but quit before achieving their goal because they missed “eating” and the social aspect of eating.

But is eating and socializing really worth it??? 

To stop a fast a few days earlier than your goal because you miss eating with your buddies…is it really worth it? 


I fast so often that I no longer get constipated, but I know most people who begin water fasting experience constipation — and too many people quit their fast because they worry for nothing over their constipation.

My advice is drink lots and lots of water and when its time, you will go to the toilet – don’t worry. Remember – you are not eating, therefore, you dont have anything to crap out except excess stuff you have inside you …

For me — After day 2, I normally don’t have to take a crap for several weeks …because there is nothing left in me.

To be honest … I can’t think of any other negatives of fasting. I love to fast.

Positive of fasting:

Many many positive things from fasting….

Detox your body from all the sugar as well as the chemicals in our food, esp. For the people who live in America and eat meat.

You will lose a lot of weight

You will feel amazing (after you get over the first 5-7 days)

You will have a positive impact on some of your friends and family.

It’s biblical … “when you fast…”  NOT “if you fast.” 

I enthusiastically/highly/strongly recommend fasting to all my Christian friends and family. You will experience magical, supernatural breakthrough – if you focus on the fasting with prayer.

Dry Fasting

In 2019, I fasted 140 days .. mostly, broken up into 3 day dry fasts.

(From my experience) I think it is a myth that dry fasting is 3 x more effective on ones health than water fasting.

I do not see much of a difference in the health aspect of dry vs water including % of fat burning during dry vs water.

Personally, I like to dry fast – and for me, dry fasting is easier than water fasting.  The only real negative of dry fasting is that I can not exercise while I am dry fasting and I get tired easily.

In 2019, I did many 3 day dry fasts as well as 6 x 5 day dry … 1 x 7 day dry and 1 x 10 day dry fast.

I also did a 3 x 21-24 day water fasts.

I dry fast for spiritual reasons.

The longest dry fast I have experienced was 10 days.

Your body creates water from your fat stores – so as long as you have extra body fat, your body will be able to generate water.

I want to reiterate:   I dry fast for spiritual reasons; and although I love to dry fast, I do not recommend dry fasting to people who have never fasted before.

My final thoughts

If you want to water fast, read about it so you know what to expect – pick a period of time, organize your life around the fast, and then make it happen.


Fasting is much easier than people think.

If you are Christian … get into fasting, especially if you need a breakthrough in your life.  Fasting and prayer is magical.

Check out the following sermons on YouTube: 
“Derek Prince – fasting and prayer”  and “Jentzen Franklin – fasting and prayer”

For more detailed information – checkout my previous blogs.




134 thoughts on “40 days and 40 nights fasting and prayer…

  1. Hi Scott, i hope you’re well.

    I’m writing to you from Brazil. Today i’m achieving my 26th day of my first 40-day water fast.
    The reason i’m doing this comes from a meditation which i had this errand from Spirituality to do a fast like Jesus on the desert.
    I never did any kind of fast before, i was in a very dangerous situation on my health:
    obese, hypertensive, smoker, sedentary, and close to turning 41 years old.

    And what a i can say is that, exactly like you said: after 5-7 days it becomes pretty much “easier”!!!

    One of my most importante source of inspiration to do it was your blog, specially the post you published on 2018’s February. It teaches me a lot not only about the fast proccess itself, but how to deal with negativity around me and the right way to prepare my environment to do my fast.

    As you said, the fasting is a quiet time, to think and pray, and i’m experiencing a need to stay alone, not to gather with friends and so on.

    I’d like to thany you so much to share your experience, inspire me, and indirectly teache me how to win this challenge!

    Now, i still have two more weeks to go and in any moment i had some doubt about to win it!

    God bless you, mate!

    • thanks for your message — great effort making 26 days (by now 27) happen … you are very close — but be prepared for the last week to become a big mental challenge … but if you are heavy, and carrying extra weight — for certain you can fast another 2 weeks without any difficulty- but just be prepared for it to become a harder mental challenge.

      Please drop me a message at day 30 and then again at day 35. keep going!!!

      • Hi Scott, how are you?

        I only saw your reply today. We won this 33th day with honor and glory!!!

        Until now i’m still fine, with my mind strong, no conflicts to quit at all.

        I’d like to ask you about the return of solid nutrition, how was your proccess? What did you eaten on the first days?

        I’m inclined to adopt a plant based diet for the most of time, but i’m a little worried about the impact of the first meals on my organism, what do you advise me?

        In time: until today i lost 20kg, and in these last 14 days i’m doing exercises, something i never did before. My girlfriend is a personal trainer, so she is taking care on me with this issue.

        Bless you!!!

        • eat watermelon and soup …. and dont worry about this. I had miso soup, and watermelon … but i did have a full large pizza on day 2 and half a french baguette with butter.
          i am not the best at giving advice for breaking the fast. good job and no matter what … go to the end of your goal. you are nearly there.

          • Hi Scott, this was the 35th day and our victory is near!!!
            I’m feeling insomnia as yountold on your first post, now i’m about 46 hours awaken, but my mood is great and i’m not feeling tired.

            I’m pretty excited to achive the goal on next monday!!! I eliminated 22kgs until now, i was first level obese (125kg) and it’s simply amazing to see my clothes too large on me!!!

            I’m keeping my exercise routine disciplinated and anxious to finish this fast to go to gym to make my next purpose: to build an athletic body, with six pack abs and so on!!!

            Cheer on me, i’m almost there!!!

            Best wishes!

          • great job. do not stop … no matter what. the last couple days might be a mental challenge … but stay strong.
            its definitely worth a few nights of insomnia to achieve your first 40 day fast. BUT … make sure you do not fall back into your bad eating habits. By Monday you will have lost at least 26 kg so stay focused.

          • you have 4 days left? you began the fast you were 125kg? so you are down to around 100kg now? stay strong and dont quit until you achieve your goal.

          • Hi Scott, i”m pretty strong!!! Today it’s the 39th day and it’s been really easy. On June 12th was Valentine’s Day here in Brazil, i cooked a dinner to my girfriend and not even tasted the food while cooking, instead of if i asked her to taste. Even in this challenge was easy. Tomorrow will be the last day, i’m so happy to know i’ll achieve this goal even never tried any kind of fasting before!!!
            Today my weight it 103kg, i don’t think i’ll reach two digits, but with the mindset i have now, will be easier to do that.
            Today i said to my girlfriend that i’m thinking it’s so easy to fast absolutely for 40 days and nights that i’m willing to make at least two per year, and planning the next to start in next November.

            Tomorrow, at midnight, i’ll send you a message to inform you that my goal was reached!!!

            Thanks for the support and good energy!

          • Hi mate, i did it!!!

            I finished my first 40-days and 40-nights water fasting!!!

            There’s no such feeling to describe what i’m feeling!!!

            Thanks for the support!!!

            God bless you!!!

          • Blanche Dubois

            Hi Scoot,

            Your website is really encouraging, thank you for your boldness in publishing your experience in fasting for spiritual purposes.
            Also, I watched the video you recommended on YouTube with Derek Prince on Prayer and Fasting, what an amazing teacher he was!
            If you don’t mind, I’d like to share some few tips.

            BREAKING A FAST:
            Here’s some tips about breaking a fast. After fasting a long period of time, it’s considered safe to go back to your normal diet gradually. It should take the same length of you fast before you go back to eating your normal diet. So if you were fasting 21 days, you should adjust your diet and go to eating normal food after 21 days. It’s recommended not to eat meat (if you were eating meat before) during that transition time. The purpose is to help your digestive system to adjust with food that you abstained from for a long time. Not respecting that time of adjustment could cause damage to the kidneys and cause other issues with the stomach and intestines. Adopting a plant base diet during that period is key and also helps keep all the benefits of your fast. When breaking a fast avoid cow milk, it will burn your guts!

            after a long fast it’s good to check with a physician if there aren’t any Vitamin/mineral deficiencies, (usually there is) such as B12, Iron, etc… Make sure you go back to your usual level, before you star another long fast, whether by taking supplements or any food that will provide the vitamins and minerals that you need.

            In case you never heard of them, I would recommend a book (quiet old now, but still very relevant) “Your Appointment with God: A Bible study on fasting” by Gwen Shaw. That book also talks very well on how to end a fast. Also, I’d recommend a website that’s been around for over 20 years, freedomyou.com It has everything you need to know about fasting, including great testimonies about people being healed after fasting.

            Thank you again for your website and testimony that is so inspiring.



            PS: J’espère que votre troisième jeûne de 40 jours s’est bien passé en novembre 2020. En avez-vous parlé sur votre site Internet?

          • thanks for your input.

            to answer your question in your p.s. – yes, I did another 40 day fast in 2020 so did 3 x 40 strict water fast in 2020 .. ultimately, I ended up fasting 275 days over the year which is 75% of the year.
            I didn’t post a blog on the experience, but I think soon I will share my experience fasting 275 days over a year and what I gained from it spiritually. I didn’t post a blog on the experience because I do not want to come across “boastful” …

            Each year, for the past 15 years of my life, I like to do a big physical/mental challenge. 2020 was my 49th year, and I was scheduled to row the atlantic, but could not do the row … so decided to focus on a spiritually, more personal challenge, thus ended up going for 3 x 40 day water fasts.

            Within the year, I did a couple 14 day and 22 day (all 3 of those were aiming for 40, but I stopped) … and when I am not doing a long fast, I fast 3-4 days, depending on the week (every other week I fast 4 days)

            My 3rd 40 day fast of the year ended mid December 2020 … and since I log every day I fast, I realized I had fasted nearly 75% of the year, so after a few days of breaking my fast, I added 5 more days of fasting to get to 275 days to hit the 75%.

            I have had so many incredible break throughs in my life over the past 18-24 months .. and I give complete credit to my fasting and prayer as being the reason.

            I encourage everyone/anyone reading this (even if the person is not christian) to fast.

            I gain a lot from fasting and fast every week at least 3 days a week.

            thanks for your input.

  2. Vinay Martin

    Hi Scott, you are spiritually connected now! Happy to see that, wish you happiness, love and good health.

    I have decided to start fasting 3 days a week for a month and then take the 21 day Fast.

    I am used to keeping Lent and be a vegan post sunset for 40 days. This will surely be a new experience.

    Keep sharing and take care.

    Lots of love!

  3. Great post, I am currently fasting (day 13) and reading posts on the benefits fasting motivates me to continue. Agree with your take on ignoring the naysayers, most people are afraid to skip a day of eating much less fast for days on end. I generally don’t tell people when I plan to break my fast and take it one day at a time.

    • hey, great job fasting 13 days. make 21 days happen. if you have fasted 13 days … you can easily fast another week, and 21 days is an iconic length … and will allow you to detox your body and mind … plus you will have a huge positive impact on your close friends and family … and ideally it will inspire them to get into fasting.
      i have thought of you several times over these months, and appreciate your first comment.
      if you decide to go for 21 days, let me know, and keep me posted.

  4. Thank you, still going strong as my goal is 40 days. I find that I derive more health benefits the longer I stick to the fast so I have every incentive to go for as long as I can.

    Your posts on getting rid of excess to gain heightened clarity on life’s simple pleasures resonated deeply with me. I initially got into fasting to get rid of excess body fat I was carrying, to control my addiction to unnatural highly processed foods and train my body to appreciate the flavor of natural foods. I think we in the West are trained as consumers to seek a constant high, to always be on the hedonic treadmill. It blunts our ability to enjoy things in their baseline state, to recognize the beauty in everyday present moment…the result being we’re never in the present moment, always fixing after another “high”. Fasting has taught me to un-learn many of these self destructive addictions, I have never returned to the past habits which took away my time, energy and happiness.

    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts on these interrelated subjects, terrific work.

    • interesting … the next blog i am going to post ideally by the end of today is related to this very theme you mentioned.

      Are you religious? if so, what religion?

  5. Looking forward to that post, your content is very informative

    I am an atheist but I am interested in all things spiritual and mystical. My hometown is Konya – home of Rumi – so there is a strong spiritual Sufi strain there. I’ve learnt about the Sufi fakirs and their ascetic practices (fasting, minimalism, etc.) while I was visiting the Mevlana Museum. I now live in the US but used to take trips back to Turkey twice a year before this pandemic.

  6. Thank you so much for this report ?! Thanks to God you’re safe, because it means I will also survive my next waterfast. I thought your first 40 day fast a few years ago (2018?) had incapacitated you because you disappeared. That blog encouraged me to complete a 40day water fast. It was my first attempt at water fasting — the rest had been intermittent fasting. Now that you’re back, I’m encouraged to plan my next… I dont know how long it should be though ?

    • i didnt disappear – i fasted more than 140 days in 019. I dont blog about all my fasting.
      what is the longest you have fasted?

      • 40 days and 40 nights was my longest. It was in the cold season. All the other 4 seasons of Botswana are so hot that afterwards, I always fell short of 2 weeks. The cold does wonders for me. I’m now on day 8 of my water fast.

          • I’m on day 18. I started aiming for 40 because I managed to finish it last year. But now I’m just waiting for my 21st night to end so that I can eat. REASON: unswallowable saliva…unswallowable water.. bitter taste in the mouth. I spit throughout the day and night. Lol, I wonder why no one in this blog is suffering from it. Any help, Scott? If it weren’t for this 1 problem, 40 was going to be easy. I experienced the same problem when I did the 40 last year. Apart from this small problem, my body and mind are strong.

          • as weird as this sounds to my non believing friends, pray and meditate on it … and maybe it will go away. the only real negative i experience is insomnia and ultimately, i sleep less than 3 hours a night many days later in the fast.

            i have never experienced what you refer. what about trying a perrier? or a sparkling water?

            21 days is still very good. let me know how you end up

  7. I also find dry fasting easier than water fasting. But it requires higher determination.

    It is a pure mental challenge.

    p.s. After reading your post I will give this 40 day water challenge a try later this year.

  8. brother, just reread your article

    you do not cite any psalms, proverbs or verses that you use in difficult moments during the fast

    are there any particular that you find most helpful?

    p.s. Prince’s YT video was excellent

    • Derek Prince’s “prayer and fasting” sermons are great – and I have watched them all several times over.
      Mahesh Chavda has a great book on fasting and prayer — i highly recommend it.

      As for not mentioning more in my blogs … I try not to inflict my faith onto the readers … thus as of now, try to be a shinning light and not discuss too much my faith.
      However – Psalms 23, Det 11-12 and all of Isaiah 43.

      ideally, through being a light in the darkness, it will bring people to see the way.

  9. The sparkling water you suggested tastes glorious!! I’m amazed ?! Scott you’re a gift from above.
    I’m psychologically stuck with ending at 21 days though. 40 days ñext time.

    • 21 days is still exceptional. great job.
      keep me posted on your next one.

    • did you do any other fasts this year? any super natural positive things happen after your 21 day fast? I am on day 27 of my 3rd x 40 day fast this year … maybe consider beginning the new year doing another 21 day fast. keep me posted

      • Yes I did 31 days in September/October. It was sudden and unplanned so I had not built up any strength. But bcos of my new discovery (sparkling water), I went far beyond 21 days! THAANK YOOUU THAANK YOOUU ?!

        The main result of the June-July fast was the opening of my spiritual eye. So, my Sept-Oct sudden fast resulted from divine instruction. I’m a full-time minister of the Gospel — I need that gift.
        Also there has been new money flowing into my life since then. Praises to the Lord Jesus.

        Thanks so much Scott for inspiration and for encouraging me for the January 21 days! I’ve been undecided for too long about it… But after this, I’m now sure ?!
        I guess you finished your 3rd 40 days on the 23rd of December. God bless you! A prosperous 2021 to you and family!

        • great update. keep me posted and when you get into the ministry send me your website.
          have a great year and update me after your next fast … stay strong and make it happen.

  10. Thank you for emphasizing it is biblical to fast, (and pray). As important as it is learning how to fast it is even more important to learn how to break a fast. Diving back into, for instance the standard american diet could surely kill you. you have to restart your digestive system slowly and calmly.

  11. You inspire me Scott. I feel the same way about water fasting like you. Wrapping up my 7th day today. I feel not hungry at all but I fancy food. I am keeping busy by creating meal plans to stay fit and have weight off of me for a long time when I break my fast. My longest fast was 13 days last year in July. I had many mini fasts since lasting up to 7 days. This time though, my goal is to pass 21 days and see how I am feeling. Good luck to all fellow fasters here and thank you Scott for your sharing your experience! Cheers!

  12. Hi I’m at 5 days on my water fast , going for 40 days and 40 night . I just drink water with lime . I was inspired by Jesus Christ . I do feel hungry but I feel like the spirit is giving me strength to endure.

    • stay strong and focused. in a couple days your hunger will be completely gone.
      update me when you get to day 20. make it happen

  13. Vitaliy Surova

    Hello, Scott,

    You continue to both impress and inspire me. Thank you for taking time out of your very busy life and answering questions that come your way – I hope that you can answer these too.

    1. It’s amazing that you dry fast FOUR days a week! Haha. Incredible. Do you just eat a lot of food during the other three days? And how come you break up the days versus doing four days straight and then three days of eating?
    2. You mentioned that during one of your 40 day water fasts you gained an extra 6-10 pounds to make sure that you were able to make it – how much do you fast leading up to a 21-40 day water fast? You don’t dry fast as much, do you?
    3. I’ve done lots of 2+ day dry fasts, 3-5 day water fasts, and eat a pretty good diet. I want to do a 21 day water fast and then do a 40 day water fast, so I’m trying to plan my life to make it happen. How long would you recommend I wait in between fasts? I usually weigh between 160-170 pounds at 5’10” so I don’t have tons of fat.
    4. What are your thoughts on Moses’ 40 day dry fast? Do you think that it’s possible for a person in a normal situation to do? I’ve heard people say that they think something happened to strengthen his body since he was in the presence of God. But then again people told me that a person will die after not having any water for three days haha, and you said that you have done a 10 day dry fast. Exodus 34:28

    Again, Scott, you are so inspiring. Would love as much detail as you have time to give – I check often for new comments on your blog and have converted dozens of fasting converts. Haha. Proverbs 13:20. You’re a blessing, brother.

    • Thanks for your comment. As you have noticed, I am a huge fan of strict water fasting and dry fasting … I recommend fasting for both spiritual and health reasons.

      I sometimes get people who leave comments saying that I am lying about my running a full marathon on day 30 of a 30 day water fast … or doing daily 90 minute to 2 hours of cardio during my first 40 day water fast …. Or lying about dry fasting.

      But I just shake my head in disgust …. and ask why would I lie about any of this?????? To look cool?

      I have achieved some cool things in my life; and have experienced a great deal … so anyone who reads my blog (anyone reading this) can trust that what I am discussing about my experiences is the truth.

      I do not need to make shit up to look cool.

      With that said – because of the power of fasting and prayer (even for people who do not believe) I encourage everyone, including non-believers to get into fasting and prayer, thus I always reply to good questions or comments on my blog.

      You ask great questions that will surely add value to anyone who has a keen interest in fasting.

      1.) My dry fasting 4 days a week.

      When I am not doing longs fasts, I “dry” fast Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I have been doing this for 2 years or so…

      Example, it’s 4am Monday right now and I began this week’s fasting last night at 8pm. I don’t set a specific time, and consider my fast begins when I wake up on Monday and ends when i wake up Thursday morning …. But I usually stop eating and drinking 7-8 pm on Sunday night.

      My dry fasting means NOT eating or drinking anything … but its not the hardcore style of “dry” where people don’t touch water …

      example – although I don’t drink anything, I still brush my teeth, shower and even jump into our swimming pool (its very very cold and I like the cold water when I first wake up)

      I chose “3 day” dry because of Jehoshaphat’s story in the bible … I assume you know it, but for anyone reading this who doesn’t know the story of King Jehoshaphat check out in the bible or google: “2 Chronicles 17:1 – 21:1”

      Several months back, for spiritual reasons, I added an extra day (Friday) dry fasting for spiritual….and it became part of my schedule and weekly ritual.

      Looking back … several years ago, When I first got into fasting it was just for the mental challenge … but now my fasting is entirely focused on my “Christian” faith and this is the main reason I fast — and I highly recommend everyone, even non believers to fast.

      Although I do not purposefully eat a lot of food when I am not fasting … My wife and friends joke that I seem to eat a lot more than most people on the 3 days a week that I eat.

      I live in a small village in the mountains of the South of France … and there is an awesome bakery (boulangerie) in our village (this bakery makes the best bread I have ever experienced anywhere in my life)… and the ONLY thing I miss when I am fasting is the French bread (French baguette) and on the days I am not fasting, I really enjoy toast with salted butter….and since I fast 4 days a week, I do not worry or think at all about how much I eat on the days I am not fasting.

      My wife jokes a lot about how much I eat … I read her your question about if I eat a lot during the 3 days a week that I eat, and she laughed and said yes!!!

      2.) My gaining weight before a 40 day fast vs when I didn’t gain weight before the fast ….

      The best fasts I ever experienced were my 30 and 35 day fasts (the first couple of years, before I got really into fasting and prayer and was fasting for personal challenge and health reasons, I did many 24-30 day water fasts) … and the best I ever felt was during those fasts…

      And I think it had to do with my cardio sports training … I was running at least 60-90 minutes a day throughout the entire length of those fasts …. I felt great … i felt so good that I became addicted to fasting. When I water fast and run in the morning.. I would feel just amazing throughout the day. It’s really amazing feeling.

      I would finish a 30 day fast … and then very quickly miss the non-stop, constant “fasting high” that I experienced …. So I would begin again after a short break (but during that short break, I would eat lots to purposefully gain weight) then begin another long fast a month or several weeks later … this was before I switched my focus from “personal challenge/health” reasons to focusing the fasts on prayer and “spiritual reason” like they are now.

      The first time I tried to go after 40 days …. I got to day 35 and I woke up with a surreal, super strong hunger … and I stopped mid day 35 of a fast where I was trying to get to 40 days ….

      Upon reflection, I think I was too skinny, and had burned all my body fat, thus I became so hungry.

      A few months later, when I decided to go after 40 days again … I gained extra weight specifically to ensure I had enough body fat on me in the later stages of the fast … and it worked well, and I achieved the 40 days.

      But the next 40 day fast I went after, I started too thin …. And same thing that happened when I tried the first time, I got a very hungry day 36,37 … and I think I was too thin at the end of the fast, but I made it to the end of that 40 day fast.

      …. However the experience was not as good as the first one … but mainly, at the end of the 40 days I was so thin that it gave a negative image to long fasting …. so i had several people say on facebook that I look ill, too thin, etc … as if my fasting was hurting me.

      (I would like to add that I do not use any social media and quit facebook months ago, and I will not go back … In my opinion its all become too negative and a distraction that doesnt add value to my life — but this is just my opinion. I understand its useful to most businesses as well as for many people. Its just not for me)

      …Then I began my weekly 3 day fasting (before I added the 4th day) … so when my next 40 day challenge came, I started the fast too thin (I think) and I did not feel great during the fast.

      Also, I didn’t experience the same fasting high as before, and I was much less active because I was more tired. Surely all related to lack of body fat and being too thin and my body not being able to find the body fat it needed to burn for energy.

      Thus, each time I am going to do a long fast, I will gain weight before … but now that I am so into my 4 day dry fasting … a few months back, I tried to go after my 3rd x 40 day fast within 2020 … and I got to day 14 and stopped because I couldn’t get into it (I was hungry and distracted and couldnt get my head into it – I am sure because I was too skinny, and mentally not into it) … so I decided to just stick to my 4 days a week fasting … and not do another long fast until beginning of 2021 — however, I am still strongly considering fasting the month of November … and will decide in the next day or two if I do.

      I think most people who try to fast 40 days fail because they have no experience fasting and do not know what to expect or get bored and or have lots of negativity around them not supporting their fast …. But for me, the times I failed it was purely related to being too thin when I started. (at least I think that’s why I failed)

      Also – the 2nd 40 day fast I did in 2020, I did very little cardio and I felt tired and lethargic the entire fast …. Thus I MUST do cardio every day when I am fasting …. HOWEVER, i can not do the same level of cardio training when I am dry fasting which for me is the only negative I can think of when it comes to dry fasting…during my dry fasts, I can’t do active long runs or long rowing machine sets.

      3.) How long between fasts …. Since you seem focused … for certain you will achieve 21 day strict water …. And when you do your 40 day just depends on you and your schedule.

      Ensure you organize your fasts around your schedule. I think the reasons most people fail is because of lack of support from the people around them (esp. In america where everyone is an expert and there is so much negativity); and then its boredom.
      Fasting is NOT social. You can do these 2 fasts within a 4 month window … but it just depends on your mindset and schedule.

      Many people try to fast … but stop after 2-5 days. The toughest part is the first 5 days … after 5-7 days the hunger is completely gone and fasting becomes very easy. Since i fast often, I don’t have much to detox, thus my hunger goes away after a few days … but if you have fasted 5 days before, the 5th day is one of the hardest, thus you never experienced the “fasting high” and or that great, consistent non stop energy that one feels after 7 or 8 days of fasting.

      Also, I think too many people focus on the negatives of fasting ….but, as I tell everyone: fasting is NOT meant to be easy!!!

      Fasting is supposed to be a challenge. Consider going after your 21 day fast challenge from Nov. 1st …. Then go after your 40 day fast from Jan 5th or so….

      4.) Dry fasting and how long can one go…

      In 2019, I did a 10 day dry fast …. Upon reflection, I am sure I could have gone longer.

      I am a faithful Christian, thus I believe in Jesus and that he achieved 40 days … and Moses’ 40 day fast… their fasts were spiritual and unquestionably supernatural … people either believe or they do not believe and too much time is wasted debating trying to prove one or the other right or wrong. One has faith or they don’t have faith.

      I have read and also watched on youtube people say the body cannot fast more than 3 days without water …. (this is total bullshit)

      I have done many many 5 day dry fasts …. 7 days and even 10 days dry.

      I did not come close to dying and in fact I am sure my body could have gone longer than 10 days.

      (10 day dry fast is much much easier than it sounds. The only issue with dry fasting is that I can not do cardio or exercise and I get tired easily …. But I don’t need to sleep much)

      I do not recommend dry fasting to anyone who has never fasted and/or to people who do not know much about fasting.

      Dry fasting is very very very mental — if you put your mind to it, you can dry fast 3 days in perfect health … but if you are in an environment that bashes you over the head constantly with negativity and complete lack of support, one will surely feel sick and feel like they are going to die, etc.

      For the past nearly 2 years, When I am not doing long fasts, I have been dry fasting 3-4 days a week … and I will stick to this schedule for my foreseeable future.

      I chose to break it up and do 3 days + 1 day because 3 days is the same fast as Ezra, Esther and Jehoshaphat. And my fasts are focused on spiritual reasons, not just trying to achieve dry fasting 4 days in a row.

      I recommend fasting to everyone … especially to to people who are sick, tired, and directionless.

      I am sure you agree – but for the other readers who still worry about fasting….
      I wish to reitterate:

      NO ONE IS GOING TO DIE FROM WATER FASTING. It is NOT dangerous. The typical American diet and being fat like majority of Americans are is 10000x more dangerous than doing a 40 day water fast. For all the readers – I strongly suggest you DO NOT waste anytime reading or listening to negative bullshit being spread by moaners on the internet about fasting. Fasting is amazingly healthy, and has even proven to cure cancer.

      Also, for Christians … we are expected to fast. “When you fast….” Matthew 6:16 doesn’t say “if you fast….” And fasting and prayer is just an awesome awesome awesome experience. I highly/enthusiastically/strongly recommend fasting to everyone.

      Hopefully, I answered your questions.

      Keep me posted on your fasts.

  14. Vitaliy Surova

    Wow. Thank you so much for that response! You definitely take “detailed” as detailed. Really, really appreciate it.

    I’ve read what you said multiple times now and look forward to applying them. Thank you for the suggestion of that specific 4 month window – I’m going to do the 21 day starting November 1st as you mentioned. I hope your potential fast in November goes well!

    Thanks again so much.

    • did you do the 21 day fast? are you going after 40 days from early 2021?
      I am on day 27 of my 3rd 40 day this year. drop me update on your fasting experience.

  15. Hi Scott,

    I love the inspirational nature of your Fasts. This year during Lent I completed my third 40 day water only fast (note: I do take a daily does of salt 1/4 tsp a couple times a day when fasting, as a habit I have developed over 20 years) to now have done a 40 day water fast three years in a row during Lent. I will be taking a few years off of extended fasting but definitely see some long fasts in my future years.

    I would like the opportunity to discuss some of my experiences and compare and contrast them with your advanced fasting experiences if you would like to contact me via email.

    Best regards, Sam

    • Good job on your successful fasting. I do not claim to be an expert … I like to fast, and I fast often, but I am no expert. As for the salt … I have tried both, but I prefer without; and I fast for spiritual reasons, thus I add nothing since those in the bible added nothing.

      But I don’t enter into debates or discussions on this topic. I don’t add anything to my water — but this is what I consider to be a “water fast” BUT how other people water fast is not my business so I don’t debate the topic.

      A much more interesting discussion is on your comment about taking a break from extended fasting …

      Why are you going to take a few years off from extended fasting?

  16. Hi Scott

    I just wanted to say thank you for your blog!

    I love the positivity and have realised how much difference it makes just by one person saying it can be done.

    Every time I have thought of giving in, I have thought about changing my mindset to a positive one.

    I am on day 30 and praying I am able to have the grace to continue.

    • 30 days is great achievement. If you are going for longer … just stay strong and positive.
      keep me posted

  17. stay strong … the next couple days might be the toughest. after 2 or 3 days your hunger will be completely gone and the fast will become very easy.
    stay strong.

  18. Wow Scott. This post is so inspirational and I so appreciate the sharing of your spiritual fasting and praying focus as well as “just water.” There is so much confusion and untruth out there about water only fasting but you have reminded me to stay out of the sources and ask God to show you the resource. Your blog is that resource for me and I am thoroughly encouraged by your experience and for sharing. I am so inspired by you and your transparency. Thank you.

    I would like to ask one clarifying question, if I may. I have done a 16 day water fast years ago (was going for 21 days) but just felt extremely nausea and sick (I believe I was extremely toxic), so I did an enema and afterwards as I read it is a must to help with elimination on a all water fast. After the enema, I just didn’t feel true to my fast anymore which was for spiritual reasons. My question is this, is it my understaneding from your blog that you do nothing to facilitate elimination but advise to just drink water and it will eventually happen naturally? Is this correct? Please advise. Thanks Scott.

    Also to all other readers – Kudos on your fasting success!!

    • I am glad that my blog has helped you get back into fasting. I am on day 34 of my 3rd x 40 day strict water fast this year (2020) So I like to fast very much and gain much from it.

      Because I fast so often (I fast at least 3 days a week) my body is probably cleaned up, thus I dont have loads of crap stuck in me. I have NEVER done an enema before in my life.

      Before these 40 day fasts, I always try to gain weight so I have extra body fat to burn, and a few days before the fast I eat lots of fruit and try to ensure I will not get too constipated.

      But even if I get constipated, I will not take anything except drink more water.

      Normally, after a couple days I am not constipated anymore. I rarely eat much meat and no chicken, so my body is probably easier to clean than for those who are big meat eaters. My advice for those who get constipated is to drink more water and do not stop fasting I have read how people stop fasts because they are scared of their constipation.

      The first 40 day fast I ever did … after 2 days I didnt take a crap again until day 24. On day 24, i had to take a massive…massive crap. I was shocked to see how much I had in me, even considering how much I had fasted up until then (several 30 days etc) So its scary to think how much stuff we have stuck inside us.

      On this 40 day fast (my 3rd this year, and I also fasted 14 days, and 3 days every week when I am not on long fast, thus my body should be very clean) I took my last crap on day 2 …. but then I day 27 I had to take a big one (not as massive as a few years ago mentioned above) Again, its crazy to consider how much we have stuck inside us.

      Since an enema doesnt have calories, I assume it doesnt impact your fast …. however, I have never tried one, and if in the future I get constipated the first several days, i will still just drink water.

      There is a comment below several months ago, where I answered in detail many things … so scroll through the other comments and see the questions and my answers, ideally it helps you.

      fasting and prayer is magical. I can not recommend this enough. I suggest you watch Derek Prince and Jentzen Franklin sermons on “fasting and prayer”

      Also. Do not listen to all the moaners on youtube who talk about how hard it is … or how it is dangerous … Fasting is perfectly healthy and NOT difficult … if one is surrounded by the right people. The biggest issue with fasting is all the negativity one receives from their enviornment.

      Hope this helps

      Keep me posted — and make it happen.

      • You are a true RockStar. Thank you Scott. Your feedback has provided much clarity. Yes, I will keep you posted and congratulations on your 3rd – 40. What a tremendous testimony. Happy Holidays. Have a fabulous week. Ocean

  19. Abdullah Yuzuk

    Hi and Thank you for your useful information. My wife and l decided to perform water fasting for 40 days. Today is my third day and l felt hungry today and now am Okey. I am 84 kg and my goal is to reach 73 kg and to understand my boundaries. Thank God l have my wife because we motivate each other

    Best Regards

    • have a good fast. if you water fast for 40 days, you will get down much below 73 kg. update me when you complete your fast. all the best

  20. Hi Scot, your blog has been very helpful to me during my fast. Do you think my body is ready for another 40Day water fast after eating for a 45day period since I finished my last 40 day water fast? Thanks

    • i did another 40 day fast about 30 days after a 40 day fast …. do you have enough body fat to sustain you for 40 more days? Are you mentally ready to do another long fast?
      mentally, if you are ready and you have body fat and weight enough to sustain another 40 days … of course you can fast again …. but maybe you wait until the 2nd week of January and begin 2021 with a long fast and spend the next couple weeks gaining weight and eating to get ready for another 40 days? keep me posted

  21. Hi Scott,

    I started my second 21 days water fast yesterday. I stopped by your blog around the same time last year and left a note and we exchanged some thoughts. I had previously done a dry fast for three days in the past. Last year I began reading the Bible from the beginning during my water fast. I made it through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and part of Deuteronomy. This morning I started reading Deuteronomy again where I left off last year, I plan to read the Bible everyday during my fast. I appreciate your blog and the perspectives you offer so I thought I would pop in and say hi. I must confess I thought of myself when you mentioned the himalayan salt above, I used some of that last year during my fast and I recall mentioning it to you and being gently admonished for it in the comments! I will take your advice this year and see if I can manage without it this time and just do water only. I wonder if I will have an easier time this go around since I already fasted last year and I eat a healthy diet. Last year around day 5 was the hardest for me, but after that it was amazing to experience that “fasting high” full of energy no ill feelings whatsoever and a sense of focus and spiritual awareness I had never experienced before. Anyway just thought I would say hello again, if you don’t mind I may stop by from time to time over the coming weeks and keep you posted on my progress as I fast, pray, and read through the scripture.

    • if you have any questions or need any support on this … just let me know.
      yes. i think that himalayan salt stuff is a myth … but this is just my opinion from my experience fasting.
      enjoy the experience. Its very mental … so if you go into this even more confident because of your experience, ideally it will be easier than last time – but its very mental.
      keep me posted

      • It has now been 7 days since I ate last Sunday evening and I feel great subsisting on nothing but pure mineral water in glass bottles from the appenine mountains. I haven’t experienced any hunger pains, headaches, or nausea like I did last year in the first week, I suppose maybe my fat stores are a little less toxic since I’ve only built them up in the past year and I’ve been eating a good diet so maybe that’s it combined with my mental experience from last time knowing that I can handle not eating for an extended period of time. I’ve been reading Deuteronomy picking up where I left off. I decided I am going to make this a turning point in my life, I am swearing off pot and alcohol for good, it’s become a distraction from my young children and I don’t want to set a bad example for them. My Mother and my Uncle were very happy to hear that, they told me they have been praying I would stop smoking. I feel super energized and spiritually light. I even went out and turned three compost piles today in my garden. Anyway just thought I would check in and let you know it is going great!

        • Great update – thanks for sharing. I cant remember if I shared this with you or not, but I fasted 3 x 40 days plus many other days to give me 275 days fasted in 2020 (i fasted 75% of 2020) and I am certain it had life changing, protective impact. although I wasnt a big drinker, 9 months ago, I quit all alcohol and decided this year from Feb 1st I will be strict vegan … i am trying to get this amazing fasting high feeling all the time (i fast 3-4 days a week, so far in 2021 I have fasted 4 days each of the two weeks)

          My weakness is sugar … and pizza! But i decided from feb 1st no sugar and strict vegan diet combined with 3 days a week of fasting (and i will do at least one 40 day fast this year, probably end of summer)

          keep me posted and keep your focus going strong.

          • Hi Scott,

            I have still been fasting, continuing with just doing water only this time, no tea or coffee or salt like I did last year. I’ve noticed for the last couple of days I stopped losing weight, I recall this happened last year during the final week as well. I started at 168 lbs and I’m now down to 151 lbs. I am about 5′ 7″ and there isn’t much if any fat left on my body now. The other thing I noticed is that I am getting some sharp pinching pains in my muscles periodically, this happened last year as well during the last week and it grew worse as time went on. Eventually, it became so concerning to me last year that I ended up ending my fast a day early so technically I think I only went 20 days. I’m considering ending my fast early again but I am reluctant because my plan was to go 21 days. I’ve also been reading the bible although at a much slower pace than last year, I’m about half way through Joshua. Anyway just thought I would check in and let you know how it’s going, any thoughts or advice are appreciated!

          • my strong advice is DO NOT STOP your fast. You are NOT GOING TO DIE … and whatever pain you are feeling in surely in large part mental.
            you stopped 1 day earlier than your goal last year because of fear over muscle pinching/cramps …
            Everything is very mental. Do not think about the muscle pinching .. or if you feel it, just endure it and thank God for the pains, but do not stop fasting.

            you are NOT going to die, and your muscles are NOT going to be permanently hurt or impacted from a simple water fast.

            just think of all the people out there doing drugs or steroids, etc .. a simple water fast is NOT going to kill you and or permanently injure your body.

  22. CSR,

    Thanks for the blog.

    Your experience and information is a pretty solid standard during an extended fast.

    Currently I’m on day 13 of a 30 (haven’t eaten in 2021) day water fast to eventually hit a 40 day, maybe at the end of the year. It’s never easy since I’m a chef and love to cook and serve friends and family…and run a restaurant.

    I’ve completed a 7, 21, 30, & 40 day fast before but with those I was drinking anything I wanted.

    For me, this time, days 9 & 10 were the most brutal for some reason, but right after I felt amazing.

    My reason to fast is reading more and more about Jesus and His 40 day fast before beginning ministry. I really would love to know what the angels cooked up for Him after. 🙂

    Even though my focus is on prayer, I started to weigh myself day 10 ish. I average about 1.5-2 lbs of weight loss a day. I was a plump but muscular 195 lbs when I began. Really interested to see what the fat loss vs muscle loss will end up as.

    Anyways, thank you again! I’ll keep you posted.

    Sincerest regards,

    • great job – stay strong. I highly recommend “Derek Prince fasting and prayer” sermons on youtube. He has several and one good one is “how to fast and pray.” Every long fast I do, I always watch these sermons … even though i have seen them numerous times, watching them and hearing Derek’s sermons on them always motivate and keep me posted.

      Jentzen Franklin has several good ones, esp. his fasting and prayer sermon from a few years ago.

      Stay strong. 30 days is a great way to begin the year.
      keep me posted –

    • your restaurant looks great – awesome concept.
      keep me posted on your fast.

      • Excellent suggestions. Eager to check them out.

        And thank you for the compliment.

        One observation from this fast is day 10-ish I started having really bad aches in lower back and legs, almost like really bad growing pains. A little bit of research led me to potentially it being a magnesium deficiency. My intent was to go no supplements but I took some magnesium and it subsided immediately. Have you heard of this before? I typically take a magnesium supplement daily when I’m not fasting, for reference.

        My feeling for it was atrophy since I was doing heavy weights and hiit prior to fasting for awhile. So possibly the supplement acted as a placebo. Anyways, thought this may help readers in the future to have convo about it.

        Thank you again for the encouragement!


        • interesting. i dont have this experience. my only negative is insomnia on longer fasts

          • 2 days to go.

            It’s been a solid journey. Food really isn’t a struggle, in fact I have been cooking quite a bit for my wife. It’s oddly enjoyable and satisfying.

            Sermons were good you suggested and the lower back pain turned into a non issue.

            Been listening to Dave Asprey’s new podcasts on fasting as well.

            Crazy to think I have had zero calories in 2021 so far.

            Really interested to see how my CrossFit style workouts will go as well as how I will handle food.

            Will keep you posted.

            Thanks again!


          • great job! i find fasting very very mental. when i am excited and focused, the fast goes easy …
            if you do a report or write about your experience, please share with me. keep me posted.
            Maybe consider fasting 1 day a week … and or doing another longer fast later in the year.
            keep me posted and stay in touch.

    • This is great – thanks for sharing it. I read half of it this morning.
      please share anytime you come across other resources like this
      thank you!

  23. Hey Scott! I’ve enjoyed reading your articles on fasting! I was searching for writings that weren’t fear mongering or telling you tobget supervision if going over 3 days. I do have a question though, day 14 on water. I have a scale that breaks down some info on your percentages in your body. I started at 125 about and am at 110 now (5’8) but my fat percentage is at 6.7% That’s considered very low. I really want to make it to day 21 and then do a juice or daniel fast till day 40 because I’m just not sure if my body can do it without more fat reserves. What is your opinion? I dont feel true hunger and my heart rate is fine and in actually feel better the last few days then i did the first 10. But with a low body fat percentage, how low do you think it’s reasonable to go? And btw, I’m glad to find more Christians who are fasting and see it as powerful. We have Derek Prince’s book as well as Lou Engle’s. Powerful stuff. Lou Engle just called for a 40 day fast for everyone! Anyways, thanks for reading, would love suggestions and opinions if you have them 🙂

    • I should probably also mention that I’m a 30 year old lady and according to yadda yadda my fat percentage should be 20%. My water is 68%, muscle 50 and bone 5 according to my scale. I also realize you aren’t a dr and yadda yadda and aren’t giving medical advice lol I’m just looking for a non fear based Christian opinion. 🙂

      • I have always wondered how reliable/accurate are those type of scales? So I am not the best person to ask this because I don’t weigh or check stuff like this, thus do not know.
        However, if you still feel good and are not uncontrollably hungry, all should be fine.

    • my input from my experience — if you are not uncontrollably hungry and still feel well, there shouild be no issue. I never weigh when I fast, and I only did body fat count once after a long fast so I dont know … but the times I have been too thin during a long fast, I got uncontrolably, crazy hungry and ultimately, I ate because I had read that means my body is out of body fat and I should stop fasting.

      IF you feel so good … and you want to keep going, I strongly suggest you keep fasting. And dont worry about measuring anything until the day you stop fasting.

      I am not sure if you have read “Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting” by Mahesh Chavda (highly recommend it) Also, not sure if you have watched Derek Prince’s “how to fast” on youtube. DP has a few sermons over the years on fasting – I have watched all of them many times.

      Message me when you get to day 21. great job. Right now, I am on day 15 of a 40 day fast.

  24. Hello Scott. I find your posts about fasting very inspiring. You haven’t updated in quite a while now so I hope all is well. Now a question that I hope wont offend you. I have read that fasting can cause hair loss. Is that what has happened to you? I am already balding but I’m rather fond of my long beard you see.

    • Ha!!!

      There are so many moaners out there giving information about fasting .. making shit up, moaning about this and that … (I guess they think moaning gets more people to read or watch their stuff)

      I know several woman who lost hair due to lupus or cancer, but because of fasting their hair is more fuller. (one woman in particular who has Lupus, because of her medication her hair fell out, but I talked her into fasting and she just did a 30 days … stopped all her medication … her hair grew back, her skin is better than its been in years, and her blood work last week was the best it has been since she got diagnosed with lupus … she is nearly cured, and she has not taken her medication for 6 weeks>

      I have read where people actually grew thicker hair because of fasting.
      For me, my hair began thinning when I was 30 when I started to shave my head every morning. As I tell my youngest daughter, “I am not bald. I just shave my head!”

      As for not up keeping my blog … ultimately in 2020, I did 3 x 40 day fasts, 21, 14, several 5 days, and depending on the week 3-4 days a week when I was not on a long fast…and I ended up fasting 275 days over the year (2020). 75% of the year … I did not eat and easily 1/4 of that I did not drink either (dry fasted)

      I did not do a blog about this because spiritually I did not feel right about sharing this story yet (i am christian) I do not want it to come across boastful.

      However, in the near future, I will probably combine with a story about incredible break through that I can only say was a gift from God … thus, I attribute my incredible
      “good luck” to fasting and prayer.

      Irronically, several times this year (2021) I have tried to fast 40 days … but stopped at day 25, day 23 and day 15. And for now, I fast 4 days a week for most of the year (when i am not on a long fast) and after summer I will do a focused 40 day.

      I fast for spiritual reasons NOT to detox or lose weight (my body is surely detoxed and I am fit, so my reasons for fasting are entirely “fasting and prayer.”

      It is unbelievable, incredible how powerful fasting and prayer is … even for non believers, I still strongly suggest while fasting one meditates (if they dont believe in God and dont want to “pray”)

      Probably my favorite blog entry is under my “embrace the struggle” section and its called “Choose not to be a victim…”

      My follow up to this will be about the value of failure, and embracing it … and how that makes all the difference.

      I am sure your long beard is only going to get thicker and look cooler than ever because of fasting.

      • Thank you for the inspiring reply. I have now decided to do a long fast this summer when I have my vacation. Glad to hear that everything is well with you. Cheers!

          • Last day of work was friday and I started my fast saturday. So today is day five and I feel great. Not so much when I woke up but after doing some pushups, dips, squats etc I feel that high you write about. Really cool.

          • after a couple more days, your hunger will be completely gone … stay strong. this fast will have a life changing impact on you … so stick to it, dont break it earlier than your goal date and make it happen.
            keep me posted

  25. Jim Gosnell

    Scott, do you ever drink sparkling water like Perrier during your fasts or strictly regular bottled water?

    • last year, when I did my first long, 40 day fasts, I had a few perrier towards the later days of the fast because it helps me kill the hunger pains i was having.

      i think i did it more to break the bordem of drinking just water, and adding some sparkling to my day – ultimately, i dont have perrier anymore because it made me feel bloated. however, any friend i have who gets into fasting, i will suggest they have a perrier if they are feeling hungry.

      this year, i have not had any perrier during any of my fasts, NOT because i dont believe its fasting…i consider sparkling water that has no additives to be “water” fast, but mainly out of convenience i dont drink it — i don’t drink alcohol, so when i am not fasting, I drink perrier, esp. when i am with friends who are drinking wine, and i like perrier very much.

      if you are into fasting or getting into fasting, if you get hungry or bored, maybe try a perrier – but be careful not to drink too much where it hurts your stomach.

  26. Scott, do you normally avoid white sugar and white flour in your diet? If so, do you change to a high fat diet before you go on a 40 day fast so you will have more fat reserves to last the entire 40 days?

    • i recently quit sugar and processed sugar (but broke this yesterday at a birthday party where I enjoyed tarte citron meringue) … – I have stopped eating chocolate and pasteries and cakes (with the exception of yesterday!) because I am fasting 4 days a week, and see that I began eating too much sweets on the 3 days that I am eating, and I felt like crap, not because of weight – but i quit the sugar to try to feel more consistently energetic. I live in France so enjoy the french bread and salted butter on the 3 mornings I am eating. Before i do long fasts, such as a 40 day, i will purposefully eat more to gain weight … pizza, bread, and before – cakes. now, since i am aspiring not to eat sugar, i will have to see how my body weight responds before i do my next 40 day fast which will be from Sept. 1st. But yes, I purposefully will eat more to gain weight for the 40 day fast – because i am already fairly thin and dont have much body fat.

      I once broke a 40 day fast on day 35 because i had become unbearably hungry on that day – and i am sure it was because I did not have much fat left on my body, I had become ridiculously thin…. and since then, I always will purposefully eat more the 10 days before I begin the long fast.

  27. Thanks so much for the reply. Your site has helped me so much in my fasting journey. God bless you more and more.

    • keep me posted on your fast. when you begin and how long you will do. make it happen.

    • Hey Jim, any fasting updates? maybe consider doing a fast in the near future.
      keep me posted

  28. Eternal Peace

    In recent years, I have made the progression from omnivore to vegetarian to vegan to raw vegan. And for the last 10 months, I have been eating 98% fruit with some mild leafy greens. I have always beens fit and have no major health problems, but I still have decided to pursue further detoxification via water fasting. I have only fasted twice before, and both times on a whim several years ago. The first was a water fast for 6 days. The second a water fast for 5 days. I never experienced any negative symptoms except for slight fatigue and hunger.

    Recently, I came across Loren Lockman, and I have watched many of his videos, absorbing information. It seems that he only recommends water fasting under certain conditions. For example, only while resting laying down, lounging, sleeping, etc. And only with a trained monitor.. Now, I am the type of person who wants to know everything for myself. I believe that with the right knowledge, I do not need a monitor other than a trusted family member as a backup. My only issue is that I am a single parent. I want to do a 21-day fast, but I will continuing to go to work. My job is not laborious or stressful. There is alot of down time. My goal is to detox hsv (herpes) and be able to obtain a negative test result consistently. Even though I only rarely have symptoms, I want to remove this from my body completely so that I will not be ashamed to find an intimate partner in the future. I also seek the spiritual benefits of cleansing the body of toxins and constant reliance on food.

    Have you heard of others being successful with water fasting for things like this even while working a job?

    Thank you

    • Loren Lockman has a lot of great information, but he is selling his services, so he tells everyone they need to be supervised – because he is trying to sell his services.
      I have never been supervised and I have fasted many long fasts including 10 days dry fasting – so I do not agree that people must be supervised. I fast for spiritual reasons (I am Christian) however, as far as detoxing and cleansing the body … I have witnessed fasting clear stage 4 cancer and also cure someone of lupus.
      I highly suggest if you are looking to detox something like you mentioned, you do longer fast. 21-40 days. The longer the more you will detox and cleanse your body.
      Prayer and fasting is magical. I am addicted to fasting because I have experienced so many incredible miracles that I attribute to my fasting and prayer. if you decide to go for a 21 day fast or longer, watch Derek Prince sermon on fasting and prayer. Even if you are not christian, his sermons on fasting and prayer are insightful and help me a lot.
      keep me posted

    • since you are looking to detox, make sure you focus on achieving a long fast. go for 30 days. take this weekend to mentally prepare then just begin your fast on monday and go for 30 days. be strict and only have water. do not add any salt and do not listen to any negative feedback anyone gives you. I am sure in the power of fasting and prayer.
      go to youtube this weekend and watch derek prince sermons on “how to fast and pray” and also his sermon on “fasting and prayer.” even if you are not christian, to ensure you the best chance of cleansing yourself, add prayer into your fast.
      fasting is magical. I fast 4 days a week, every week because I gain so much from fasting. Go for a 30 day fast, and make sure you stay focused and mentally strong on the fast = do not break it. And see how you are at the end of 30 days. Focused prayer and fasting is magical and I have experienced and witnessed so unbelievable things – so try it.
      since you live in America, ensure you dont listen to all the negativity that you will surely get once people hear you are fasting.
      let me know how it goes.

  29. Scott, I’m on day 9 of my fast and I feel weak and sweat when I exert myself to do just simple normal activities. I had a lot of gas on day seven and thought I needed a bm so took some senna but no results other than it made me nauseous. I am not hungry. I drink about 100 ounces of water and I weighed 200 lbs at start so I think I’m getting enough water. Do you have any recommendations. My husband wants me to stop but I want to get past this. I feel God called me to 40 days of fasting so I should be able to do it. I had done so well the first week, especially since I eliminated things like meat the week before.

    • dont stop. you have made it to 9 days, the hardest part is over.
      it is very very very mental. my recommendation is that you keep fasting …
      watch “derek prince, fasting and prayer” youtube. He has several fasting and prayer sermons, and also one “how to fast and pray.”
      if this is your first fast – aim for 21 days … you get to 21 days then go after 30. once you get to 30, then make 40 happen.

      but you have already done the hardest part. dont stop now. dont over think this — you dont need anything. just drink lots of water.
      try and go for a walk. i notice that when i fast, i must do some cardio or I am tired. you are NOT going to die from a 10 day water fast … so dont worry.
      drop me another update in 3 days. dont stop. keep going after this …
      you are fasting … remember, its not meant to be easy.
      you can do this.

  30. Hi Scott,
    I’m so grateful that I found your blog, I’ve been looking for a community of people who are sharing the truth of fasting. Yesterday I started my 40 day fast. The longest fast I’ve done was 21 days with my church and I had a buddy, though my buddy quit on my, I made it through. I miss the fasting high and I know the miracles that can come from fasting and prayer. I’m in an interesting point in my life where my body/health and career are both “stuck”. I started having these mysterious health issues, unreasonable weight gain/fluctuation, high blood pressure, fatigue and other issues. I’ve always been pretty healthy and hadn’t changed anything so this was strange to me. Also after going to various doctors and having some many tests they all say every thing looks good its all in my head or try to push medication! My career is in the weird place where I ask God for certain opportunities and they literally show as I asked or better. People in positions of power are all excited and rooting for me, yet somehow in the end they never work out. I’ve been trying to do a 21 day fast but never quit make it. I know this is what I need to get clarity and get even closer to God. I’m going to check on Saturday, thats my day 6 and should be right about when the fasting high start. I’m also going to look at the Derek Prince video and other spiritual readings during this time. Wish me luck!

    • since you have experienced a 21 day fast, you know what to expect. do not quit. my suggestion is you change your 40 day challenge to 30 days.
      focus on achieving 30 days fasting and prayer, then when you achieve 30 … then go after the remaining 10 days. I think focusing on one month will make it mentally easier then when you get to 30, you can decide if you can do an extra 10 days.
      fasting is unbelievably magical and I recommend it to anyone who will listen to me.
      But make sure you dont quit. try and watch the derek prince sermon on fasting and prayer today.
      whenever you get hungry, just drink water and reflect on your cool achievement and remember its not meant to be easy.
      keep me posted.

  31. Tony Copeland

    I need to fast and pray. My family ands I have been talking about doing it soon. Do you have any tips for us?

    • watch Derek Prince on youtube. he has a few great fasting and prayer sermons.
      my tip is not to try and do a 40 day fast right away – instead focus on 7 – 21 days if you have never fasted.

  32. Thank you Scott, your writing gave me the confidence to do a 21 day water fast, I am on day 10, it has been wonderful and yes the greatest challenge is the people around with stress and desperate as if you abandoned them to their habits. I am enjoying it and my dogs might be the only ones who get me at this time LOL! Thank you again Scott.

    • Hi Scott, I am cruising through the third week and will conclude 21 water fast in a few days. I am going to take 21 to get used to eating, what do you recommend for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks? Read somewhere to have lemon water and orange juice first week, soup second, and steamed veggies third, any advice or thoughts on this plan?

      Thank you so much for your inspiration, it is wonderful and now my mother and sister want to do it as well!

      • good job for making your fast happen, and going to the end. I suggest you eat fruit and soup for the first couple of days.
        drop me an update when you have super natural positive things happen after your fast.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I have returned to this post many times over the past 8 months to read about your experience and to absorbe some of the confidence and assurity here. I tried several times to fast for 40 days, each time reaching no more than 3.

    Today is day 5 of my most recent fast- the longest I’ve gone! Reading today, your phrase “you have to want to fast more than you want to eat” really really struck me.

    I credit my success this time to the prayer I have coupled with my approach. I too am Christian and am motivated by an opportunity to be closer to all aspects of the Holy Trinity.

    Thanks again for your powerful inspiration!

    • the hardest part is the first 5 days. fasting is unbelievably magical. watch derek prince on youtube fasting and prayer sermon.
      if you are keen to fast, you can do this. instead of going for 40 days … do a 21 – 30 day water fast. Build up to 40 days.
      I fast 4 days a week …. because i gain so much from fasting. i love to fast. please keep me posted when you get to 10 days, drop me another message.
      you can do this, and you will experience incredible supernatural break through. so fight on, and make this happen.

  34. Scott,

    Thank you for publishing as I found this inspirational. Your whole story is inspirational actually and so I decided to give it a go. I have done intermittent fasting, alternate day, and a few 5 days. But today I completed day 14 on the 40 day journey. The ancillary benefit is weight loss but I did this for the spiritual journey. I combined with prayer, meditation and just asking to be open to what God wants for me in my life. So it is mainly a spiritual journey but I do feel more flexible, less inflamed, and obviously have lost weight. Thank you again for your blog as it gave me the push/inspiration to just go for it. February 28th is my 40th day. March 7 I turn 50. Great way to reset, rebalance and center. Thanks again for sharing your journey. Appreciate it greatly.

    • stay positive and focused. you have passed the most difficult time (the first 5-7 days)
      By now, your hunger is long gone … but make sure you stay focused and go to the end. 40 days water fast is great achievement and will unquestionably have a very positive impact on your life. But stay strong. Be prepared for day 21 to you consider stopping and thinking to yourself, and surely you will have friends around you that don’t understand … and you will think “i did 21 days thats good enough…” but its very mental. Just drink more water, and keep fasting. Whatever happens, do not break your fast before your goal date — this is my input from experience.
      I recently stopped a 40 day fast on day 17 because it was my birthday and I felt “its ok you can break your fast to celebrate your birthday…you fast so much that its ok…”
      so i ate a great lebanese lunch and broke my fast … and regret sooo much stopping.
      I fast 4 days a week — but i do at least one long fast every 4 months and I recommend fasting to everyone in my life, including my non believing friends.
      Please stay focused and strong on your fast … and dont stop. when you get to the end of day 40, send me an update.
      you got this.

      • I wish I would have read this earlier. I drifted away from your blog. I did almost exactly as you say. I stopped after day 23. I ate and almost immediately regretted it. With some time passing I have learned from the experience and see it was just emotional/mental. It was not physical. I have plenty of body fat. I had a temporary moment of wanting to eat/thinking I had done enough vs wanting to fast. I was going on a month holiday and used the excuse of breaking the fast at home vs in Mexico. As I said it was a small regret and I have learned. I am just starting my next attempt. I am determined to get to 40 days. I am fasting mainly for a breakthrough spiritually. I did notice the quiet time created i redirected to prayer and spiritual reading. I am better balanced and centered. I look forward to the next 39 days and what it has to teach me. And I will check back on this blog to see what else I can learn and apply in advance this time! Thanks again for sharing.

        • It is VERY VERY mental. I recently finished my 5th 40 day fast … I fasted 27 days, but had a business deal that blew out on day 27, so I felt sorry for myself and ate.

          Irronically, 3 days later the deal that had blown out, came back to life … so I rebegan my 40 day fast from day 1 after 3-4 days of eating, after 27 days of strict fasting. Thus, Over 70 day period of time, I ate only 3.5 days!!

          4 or 5 years ago, I was attempting my 3rd 40 day, I broke the fast on day 38!!

          All I needed to do was be more positive and focused, and push on for 2 days, but I was very thin, so I assume my body craved food — and stupidly, I broke it in the middle of the night, when my mind was foggy and not focused. For sure, I could have pushed on another 2 days …

          Keep me posted if you have any further questions or need support.

          For sure, over the coming 3-5 days you will have to fight negative thoughts — but after 5-7 days your hunger will be all gone and you will begin to feel awesome.

  35. Hi Scott! I am planning on doing a 40 day water only fast next month. I did a 21 day water only fast a couple of years ago. Any special diet I need to follow to get ready for the 40 day fast or any other special preparations I need to follow? Thanks for the blog.

    • my input is to just get mentally prepared for the fast. nothing you will eat is going to help make the fasting easier … other than, maybe cutting out sugar now before the fast, thus you dont have as strong of cravings.
      Focus on getting motivated and excited for the fast. organize your life so you dont have dinners or functions you need to attend during the first 10 days of the fast.
      Mentally get ready to be bombarded with negativity by people in your life (esp. since I think you are American, and in America everyone is an expert)
      But get motivated and excited for the 40 days. Its a great achievement that will without any question have a huge positive impact on your life. I highly advise watching Derek Prince sermon on fasting and prayer … and also Dr. Myles Munroe has a few great ones too.
      I esp. like Derek Prince and when I do long fasts, I watch his fasting sermons ….
      Even if you are not religious or doing this fast for spiritual reasons, the sermons will still give you some support structure.
      DO NOT listen to any bull shit about how its dangerous or not healthy …. fasting is incredibly healthy and you will NOT die from a 40 day water fast. If anything, you will live longer.
      drop me a message when you begin. you can surely do this. keep me posted

  36. Scott, thank you so much for the knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. God put on my heart at the end of January 2022 to do a long fast to grow closer to Him and remove idols in my life. Previously my longest fast was 3 days. Anyhow, after some reading and searching I found your page. Tonight at 7pm CST I will hit 21 days of a water & black coffee fast (water only 10 days(ish) – coffee is not an every day thing, supplements as needed for muscle cramps). With my original goal achieved, physical and mentally I feel great and am now shooting for my stretch goal of 40 days. I am looking forward to what else God has in store for me. I love the healing of spirit, mind and body that He is doing through this. Cheers! Grant (46)

  37. Hi Scott, I’m 10 days into a fast (aiming for 40 days). At the moment I’m doing probably 3-4 hours a day of physical work but I’m concerned if I over do it I may be too skinny towards the end. Is it wise to reduce physical work??

    • personally, I always do physical exercise when I fast because I feel so much better during my fast compared to when I do nothing during my fast. I ran a full marathon on day 30 of a strict water fast. it was my fastest marathon by 17 minutes. I think its very very very mental. If you tell yourself you are too tired, and if you keep telling yourself that you are feeling weak because you are fasting … of course you will be too weak. But try to embrace your fast, and not keep thinking that you are tired … and DO NOT listen to your friends who will lean on your with negativity telling you its dangerous … water fasting is NOT dangerous at all.


      keep me posted — but you have past the hardest part. If you have never fasted before, the hardest part is over … now its very mental and you should be experiencing the fasting high. stay strong

      • Wow! That’s great to hear!! I’m now day 20 and feeling great. After hearing about your marathon I think I’ll go hunting next weekend!

        • day 20 … great job. keep it up. don’t think too much. and dont listen to all the negativity from friends and family.
          you are half way to achieving something special … and you have gone through the hardest part. stay strong. keep me posted.
          And no matter what … do not listen to all the negatitivity…. you will face a lot of people jealous of you, who will hammer you with negativity … but ignore it and keep fasting.

  38. Jim Gosnell

    Hi Scott! I have made it through day 21 of my 40 day fast. I am drinking only water; Evian, Fiji, Pellegrino and some reverse osmosis water I get here at the apartment. No vitamins either. I just wanted to ask you for any pointers or recommendations to reach the 40 day goal. Thanks as always.

    • Awesome job – no matter what do not stop now. The last part of the fast will be very mental. Example, recently I was on day 26 of a 40 day fast and I had a bad day .. and was tired and feeling sorry for myself and ate and broke my fast. Of course the next day, I regretted terribly, but I had broken my fast.
      Stay strong and focused … and think of me when you are about to break your fast. You have only 19 days left and you will achieve something very magical that will have life changing impact on you. Great great job. keep me posted.

  39. I’m SO cold!!!

    Every time I try to start a prolonged fast, I end up breaking it because I get so cold. I’m not hungry, just freezing. I feel warm when exercising, but I can’t exercise all day long. How do you (or your readers) deal with the numb hands and feet? I’ve tried drinking warm water (yuck), bundling up, taking baths, etc. It all works for a few minutes and then back to freezing. My longest fast was 6 days — but I’m trying for 30 this time and would love some advice on staying warm.

    • I get cold as well, but I use an extra blanket and wear a jacket in the house. My wife teases me about wearing a parka in the house, but it keeps me warm.

  40. Jim Gosnell

    Hi Scott! I just made it through day 30 of the 40 day fast. Everything you have said to expect so far has been true. I took your advice and have been watching Derek Prince videos on fasting and I am reading Mahesh Chavda’s book on fasting. Thanks for all the tips and encouragement. Any new things I might need to be watchful for as I make the final push to forty? Thanks again. Also, for the others, I have made it this far with only water, Evian, Pellegrino, and Fiji. I also drink reverse osmosis water I get from the apartment. No juices, coffee, tea or vitamins. No supervision and I am 65 years old.

    • Excellent job! only 10 days left and you will achieve something very special. stay strong and focused.
      brilliant. keep it up. please update me when you get to day 40.

  41. Hi Scott, today is day 38! I’ve found the second 20 days hard with intense food cravings! What advice can you give for getting back into eating?? I’ve been drinking a bit of juice as well as water so my guts are still working.

    • great job. i assume you will achieve your goal of 40 days … and then you rebegin eating with lots of fruit. i am not the best at giving input on breaking fasts.
      however, i recommend fruit, esp. watermelon. enjoy the process. great job getting to 40 days. I cant drink juice when i fast because the sugar from the juice makes me crave, and distracts me. if you do a debrief or blog or report on you fast, please send me a copy to read. great achievement.

  42. Hi Scott. Day 2 of 30. You wrote “You must want to fast more than you want to eat”. That’s exactly it. Just do the fast. We overthink it; we make it complicated.

    • the next few days will be the hardest – however, after day 5 your hunger will be completely gone. stay focused and strong.
      keep me posted on how you are doing. I suggest you watch “derek prince – fasting and prayer” sermon on youtube. even if you are not christian or religious, Derek Prince’s sermons on fasting and prayer will help you stay focused. Mahesh Chavda has a great book — “hidden powers of fasting and prayer” I highly recommend this book too.
      too many people stop around day 3 or 4 because its the hardest period … but you got this. after 5 days it will be very easy. keep me posted.

      • 7 days done. I feel great. I started eating again. Real, whole food. I’ve determined shorter, more frequent fasts are better for me. Invariably, after 7 days, I feel great and going longer does not feel necessary. I’m now planning to do 7 day fasts a few times a year. And I’m building in a 1 day fast weekly. I find I like “being away” from food one day a week. It’s relaxing to get that break weekly. Thank you for your website. It has been so helpful to me.

      • Hi Scott. Mg name is George from Malawi. I wanted to ask is it possible for a person who only weighs 53kgs to go on a 21 day fast? Thank you.

        • I am not a health expert and do not pretend to know. However, assuming you have body fat reserves, I do not see why you can’t …
          I have a good friend who is female and she is very thin, and last year she did a 21 day water fast … she was very thin before her fast, but she really wanted to achieve a 21 day fast, thus fasted — and she achieved it.
          It comes down to you. You decide if you can or not.
          all the best