The struggle is the breakthrough

The struggle is the breakthrough

Last week’s post, “Choose Not To Be A Victim” probably surprised most people who know me.

I embraced what I once would have considered public humiliation — admitting to the world that I failed.

Regretfully there are clients, ex-employees and suppliers who have been financially hurt by everything that has happened to Naseba.  

Even though the old Naseba is over, I am trying NOT to bankrupt the company because I still have hope in a few large deals, and if I close one of them, I will be able to pay all the money Naseba owes to people.

A couple weeks ago, I completed another 40 day strict water fast, interwoven with 4 x 3 day dry fast plus an extra day to make 13 days within the 40 days, dry. (no water) 

I noticed when I was doing the dry days, it was easy because I embraced the challenge and focused my thoughts entirely on the health and spiritual benefits I was gaining from the fast. 

Once I focused my thoughts on the positives of the experience, the negative feelings disappeared. 


The biggest breakthrough in my life is proving to be falling off that mountain. 

What was stolen,  I will never get back, and the company I was a Chairman and shareholder is over.


My life is now simplified and all the mediocrity that was polluting it has been cleansed out.

Since the potential business I am working on is in Europe, we moved from Dubai back to the south of France.

Last night, close French friends of mine invited me out for dinner in Nice. (France).

We spent a couple hours at a gorgeous, quaint wine bar in the old town, and then they took me to a special restaurant that has only 5 tables and is open just 3 days a week.  

Throughout the evening, I kept thanking God for everything – even if it took me falling off the mountain to fully appreciate it.

In France, I live in a small village in the mountains, 30 minutes outside Monaco. 

The house we rent is comfortable, very simple and the rent is less than my monthly water bill used to be in Dubai.

The boulangerie (bakery) is 8 minutes walk away, and has delicious fresh bread and pastries…I go there every morning at 6:30 am and get a fresh baguette that costs 90 cents.

Instead of going to an office, I work from my dining room table that faces an amazing view of the mountains.


Over the past 18 months, I lost lots of money and took on so much debt that I had to sell anything and everything that I had of value just to get cash… including my watches, bikes, and cars.


I don’t regret a thing that has happened to me. 

(Of course, I regret that clients, employees and suppliers have been negatively impacted. I am referring to a regret linked only to my personal experience and loss)

My life is indescribably better now than it has ever been before.

… because I have chosen to view everything that has happened as one big positive learning experience – and embrace this struggle.

The point of this message is in two parts: 
(the second part of this message will be shared in a couple of weeks)

First point:  “Tes pensées créent ton futur” — your thoughts create your future.

We can’t sit around consumed and distracted by fear because we think everything is collapsing around us.


Often what we think are insurmountable obstacles, end up proving to be awesome blessings/learning experiences that prepare us to go higher.

Embrace the struggle.


4 thoughts on “The struggle is the breakthrough

  1. Hi Scott

    You choose the right path ! Being a victim means you don’t have any power over what is happening to you and it empowers those who hurted your business and your situation as a whole…what happened is really a shame but although I am touched by it in the same time I think you should feel lucky ! Lucky because it is only financial problems ! You and your family are safe and sound and that is the most important. You will find a way to get back on track I have no doubt…and because you chose not to be a victim what you learn from this will only make you stronger ! What doesn’t kill you only make you stronger !…right ?

  2. Richard MA

    My name is Richard Ma from China. Arthur is my boss, my teacher. He recommended me your blog over 10 years. I still believe you will be back again! Make success happen.

    • thank you. stay positive and do not let the negativity in the world distract, and bring you down.

  3. Richard MA

    Personally, I really like your blog.It gives me a lot of new thoughts and strength.
    We will wait the new Naseba’s back!