if it was easy…

I reflect on my younger years and see clearly all the mountains that I excitedly started to climb, nearly summiting, but when the climb became tough, essentially, I turned around and walked back down ….in search of a new, easier mountain to climb.

As of today, I am still far from the top of my “proverbial” mountain … my summit is building naseba into a multi hundred million euro company, and as tough as my climb has been, I understand that there might be tougher times to come in the future….but I will not stop and turn around.

We live in a world today of “instant gratification” … we must have it all … have it right away … and if we do not get what we want right away, F… it…we look for something else.

we read about 20 year old billionaires … mediocre movie stars making 20 million a movie …our favorite sports stars making 15 million a year salary… however, all this is exceptional and does not reflect reality.