October 22nd 2007: 5th year anniversary of naseba


October 22nd is the 5th year anniversary for naseba.

I am in Cape Town this week — today, Johan du Toit, the General Manager of our Cape Town office and I went out for Sunday brunch at a famous winery outside Cape Town.

As we sampled a couple good wines with an incredible view of the ocean, Johan (someone who has worked for naseba since 2003, one of the best sales people in the company) and I reflected together on the past 5 years…all the great adventures — all the crazy learning experiences…

… and to think about the future …. although the next five years will certainly not be easy — and the next level of success will not happen over night, at naseba, all management understand …. the best things in life are not easy.

In just 5 years, we have achieved a rock solid foundation for the company….

Completely from scratch – we have created a corporate culture where naseba sales people have become famous for being the best sales people within our industry and all our competitors try to head hunt from us.

We have the best corporate website and event websites in our industry and many external people have commented that we have the best website they have seen – and we are constantly looking for ways to improve – thus our websites and image will only get better.

We have firmly setup an office in India — and running strong with an army of 90+.

We have a brilliant CFO whom is hyper dynamic and exceptionally focused on helping the management make the company the most profitable business information company in the world.

We have the most sales driven Global CRM Director in our industry– someone whom within just 12 months has developed and launched the “ultimate database” and CRM marketing tool….and have expanded this to China.

We own a percentage of the biggest and best conference company in China and we will triple the number of events within the next 24 months — therefore, we will own the China market.

Globally, by the end of 2007, we will have held 52 large scale upper level executive congress and forums that all have at least one annual – thus all have a history and client base. (We held 3 congress and forums in 2003)

We have an exceptionally experienced CIO who has developed and is continuing to develop the perfect global I.T. system and I.T. team.

We have 318 employees globally, including Lnoppen — although I do not know everyone that works for the company – I trust my management, thus I will say with extreme confidence that we have the best teams in our industry.

We will break 7 million euros in revenue (not including Lnoppen) in our 5th year, at least a 143% increase in revenue from 2006.

We acquired Ambition events – the ultra-marathon race organizer … and in 2008 we will have a “run across the world series” …

I have named only a few of our many achievements … in less than 5 years.
Needless to say, on behalf of naseba, we greatly look forward to the next 5 years….