news in america

This morning, as I am sitting comfortably in my favorite chair sipping my triple nespresso and flipping through the news on a headline in red comes across the top of the page …”BREAKING NEWS…”

Immediately, without even thinking I go to the “BREAKING NEWS” section because it must be something very important ….

“Britney Spears visitation rights are still on hold….”

It is disgusting that we live in a world today where the Princess of mediocrity, Britney Spears commands “breaking news” because CNN believes its important enough to interupt regular news to tell the viewer that Spear’s visitation rights to see her children have been put on hold…

Who cares?

But what is really scary … obviously, many people in America care because its headline news.

In my opinion, giving this person even 2 seconds of news is rewarding mediocrity.

I would like to add, that I gave up trying to understand the fascination that society in America has with the “Queen of mediocrity,” Britney’s buddy, Paris Hilton.

The only thing this woman has achieved in her 27 years of existence is being filmed having sex and ensuring that the whole world talked about the video.

Whats even more pathetic is when Britney and Paris team up, and go out together … they make sure that they are filmed getting out of a car without wearing under wear, thus they can guarantee themselves headline news the following day.

Why does this sell?? Why is society in America so concerned with Britney Spears visitations rights to see her kids when there must be stories of greatness and achivement we could hear about instead.

While I am at it …. another despicable example of rewarding mediocrity and filth — instead of giving headlines to teachers who are doing great things, headline news in America gives a special front page focus on the multiple cases in America of female teachers having sexual relations with their pupils. Despicable.

Why give these horrific people even one second of attention???

Why not focus on teachers who have stories of “greatness” and “achievement” ???

Last week it was front page, headline news that an author announced that one of the characters in her book is gay … or at least, the author decided to tell us that the character was gay to ensure that more of her books are bought and discussed … although, I must admit that this was pure marketing brilliance …

However, I have to ask… why is this considered important enough to be headline news in America???

Why is so much mediocrity, filth and (or) topics as silly as the sexual orientation of a character in a book commanding headline news in America??? meanwhile there must be stories of greatness and achievement to talk about…