riding the storm

Internet has been down at my apartment in dubai so I have not had a chance to post a blog for a few days.

Yesterday, the voice of reason reminded of a scene from the movie Forrest Gump….

The scene is when Forrest and his friend are naively going out to sea to shrimp while all other fishermen are nervously mooring their boats at the dock because a storm is coming….

Forrest is smiling and waving as he and his friend head out to sea into a massive storm, the biggest ever….

Miraculously, Forrest rides the storm out.

When he and his firend motor back into port, they discover every single boat that had stayed in port to try and sheild/protect themselves from the storm are destroyed.

Thus Forrest’s shrimping empire is launched.


One thought on “riding the storm

  1. marin, thanks for your mail. very interesting video clip.
    have a good year

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