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don’t let the losers bring you down (again)

I know. I know. I know. This is a subject I have blogged about before – however, I feel very strongly about this theme. A conversation I had last night with an old friend who lives in America got me thinking again about this blog.

The world is full of many great, talented people who fail because of losers who come into their life. Even just one bad influence; one bad friend can completely destroy someones career, and potentially ones life. Whitney Houston…Mike Tyson immediately come to mind.

My big theme with all my employees: “don’t let the losers in the world bring you down…”

The word “LOSER” can describe many types of people, and surely we all have our own opinion of what exactly a “loser” is …

Just to be clear and so not to hurt too many people’s feelings, of course, I DO NOT consider someone who used to work for me, but does not work for me now to be a loser.

naseba is not for everyone.

However, in my opinion, a “loser” is someone who is failing in his own job/life, and instead of stepping up, reflecting and changing for the better, they sit around hoping and praying the people around them fail — and do everything in their power to get people to fail with them.

Regretfully, the world is full of people who go through life, instead of trying to improve themselves, improve others around them, they try and bring others down with them.

Don’t let the losers in the world bring you down.