searching for John Galt…

A close friend of mine, and sort of training partner … I call him Bambi because he is a very nice guy, almost too nice, innocent and sweet.

I was away for a couple days last week and did not see Bambi.

As I was laying in bed, reading the news and drinking my morning coffee the first morning back, Sophie tells me “bambi is sick.”

This was basically one of the first things she said to me so I figured it must be serious …

I asked if he had a high fever, or if he is he vomiting?
Sophie said she didnt know;  Bambi just came up to her at the gym and said he was sick.

Out of the complete blue???  this guy who is built like a roman warrior came up and told you he was sick????”
Sophie replied, “yes.”

I have known Bambi for a long time.  Since I came to Dubai he has been one of my training partners and sometimes naseba works/uses his company.  The guy is built like a Roman soldier and for the most part is extremely hard working and stoic ….

But …. when I met Bambi at the gym later that day, I noticed immediately he was not sick … I didn’t say anything to him, but I sent him an email later in the day suggesting he be more stoic….and asking him the purpose of telling sophie he was sick?  I asked if he was looking for a pat on the head and a warm hug?

I single out Bambi which is a bit unfair,  but I notice often people, esp. my american friends talk about how they do not feel good or have head aches, or back aches or they are tired….

My grandfather is 93 years old.

In my entire life, I do not remember him once complaining about anything.

I do not remember him ever once saying “I don’t feel good” or “I am tired”  or “I have a head ache” etc.

When I speak to my grandparents and ask how they are doing – no matter what, they always reply they are doing great.

Perfectly stoic.

Of course my grandparents have aches and pains, but I have never heard them moan or complain about them.  Never once.

What good does it do to tell someone, “i don’t feel good” or “I have a headache” ?
Whats the purpose of telling somoene, even a close friend “I feel bad” ??

Seriously, notice today how many times either yourself, or a friend says something negative which adds no value to any discussion, like “I am tired; I don’t feel good; I have a cold; I am sick.”

If you reflect  – surely, you will notice even your own grandparents are/were much more stoic ….

why has the world become soft?


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