Thank You Pirate Ship of Fools

Two days ago, I swam the english channel.

My body is very tired and sore, esp. my right shoulder … so I have not yet sat down and written my swim report.

Ideally, I will do this tomorrow and post it with pictures.

I would like to thank the Pirate Ship of Fools (Pirates) UK based triathlon club for their incredible interest and support.

People I have never met gave me incredible encouragement and support.


There is no way I could have completed this swim without the support of my “Pirate” crew– Jules Roberts, Candy, Oxy, Anna, Claire, Tata, Romain and my 15 year old daughter Marie.

Consider this ….

How many people reading this blog would….

Drop everything you are doing to take a 90 minute train at the last minute from London to Dover …
spend an entire evening filling water bottles with carbo powder, and packing supplies…
even rush to a store at 10pm to buy last minute supplies of water…
go to sleep at midnight…
wake up at 1:30am to help load two cars with bags of food and supplies…
ride on someones lap in a packed car to a harbor to move the supplies from the cars into the boat…
help get everything ready and then get off the boat and wave good bye to the team….because you have to work so can not join everyone
go back to a small BB and sleep in a bed that has already been slept in by someone else ….
wake at 7am to rush back to London to not be late for work at 9am….

How many people would do all of the above for someone you have never met, or spoken to before???

Jules Roberts did this for me.

Although I had never met the guy until 8 hours before my swim; I never even spoke with him on the phone, he dropped everything he was doing to come and help get me ready and sorted for my swim.

He was the first person to call me to say congratulations after I had finished.

Thank you Pirates — and a special thanks to Jules Roberts

Tomorrow I will post my a blog on the swim with pictures


3 thoughts on “Thank You Pirate Ship of Fools

  1. What a feat… and an exceptional occasion to experience genuine altruism and believe in people’s goodness. It must have contributed to your accomplishment. Congratulations.

  2. Rugby Nutter

    Let me start off my syaing I have been a huge “fan” or should I say follower of your blog as I come from the same industry and admire your work ethic and ability to make things happen.

    To be honest I was hoping for you to fail in your attempt to cross the channel, to see how you were going to handle the failure of not making it happen. You continue to amaze and prove that the power of the correct mindset can really take you places most people only dream of!


  3. Scott, This is a remarkable feat and your Bolles family is so proud for you. Continue to inspire my friend…