Do you bring those around you up, or do you bring them down?

Do you lift the people around you up, or do you bring them down?

“Don’t let the losers bring you down…”

When I was in 10th – 12th grade, I went to the boarding school, The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida … I wasn’t a loser.

I had no time to be a loser.

My roommate, and brother like friend wouldn’t let me…

I was led by the toughest coach in high school swimming who also wouldn’t let me be a loser…
(I am proud to say that my high school swim coach was recently, named the head coach of Team USA’s 2012 Olympic Men’s swim team)

In a word, I was “surrounded” by winners….

Which ultimately, enabled/helped lead me to achieve.

When I went the University of California….I didn’t have the same type of leadership as I had in high school.

I was used to a close, family like team … and my new one was much different to my high school team.

I had a nice guy, style of coach…and practice was easy, very easy.

My personality needed the tough type of coach, or a leader, and to be honest, I felt that I was better than everyone else which led me to take the road more traveled….and act like a loser.

Instead of living up to my talent, I became a clown.

I became a loser.

Unfortunately, my loser behavior surely brought those around me (RPS) down…

It was not until I had my accident, when I had to take a year off university to rehabilitate … that I reflected on who I was, and who I wanted to become.

I didn’t want to be a loser…

So I made a big change, and focused on positive achievement.

Just one negative influence; one negative friend can get in the way of one’s success – just like our influence can either lift up or bring down those around us.

Are you surrounded by winners?

Equally important — are you bringing those around you up…. or are you brining them down?


2 thoughts on “Do you bring those around you up, or do you bring them down?

  1. I may not have attained anything in my life & but I am happy that I boosted up the self-esteem of one of my close friends and helped her to be what she never dreamed to be, though the whole episode was hilarious. She utterly refused first, to give a self-introduction in English, where I was attending a Personality Development Course to join the Indian Army. I got so furious with her for beig so self-destructive that I left her crying at the road side. Fearing my anger, finally she gave in and now she is an Air-Hostess. Actually, I never thought i will ever say anything about this and I thank you, Sir, for making ME PROUD THAT I BROUGHT SOMEONE UP, BECAUSE SHE WAS SO GOOD IN MIND THAT SHE DESRVED A BETTER LIFE.

  2. I guess I have both in my life I have people who lift me up and some who bring me down. I try to be positive I try to look for the silver lining behind the cloud. But it really does depend on who your with a couple of family members think the world is against them and nothing good will come there way. So i feel down hearted and sad think my life feels so much better than theirs iv actually
    Prayed for God to give my BLESSING to them. Where others my daughter and husband are positive and no matter how dark it is they can find a faint glimpse of light and led you right to it. With them I feel joy, happy and content.i try to use and up lifting tacktive on the downers but they seem to close their ears.