Beware – “free loader syndrome” is sweeping america like an out of control virus…

In my opinion, Adam Smith’s invisible hand has been crushed and replaced by an open out stretched one, wanting instead of earning; expecting rather than deserving….“free loader syndrome…” is sweeping across America and most probably the world.

I was in NYC last week … at lunch, I had a young, efficient waiter from the south (I consider myself from the south) so I instantly liked him.

He is university student at a school in NYC and told me that he has two jobs and is trying to get a degree in finance.
He wasn’t pushy or salesy – just a good, quiet waiter.

My bill was $53.00 … and I gave him a $100 bill and told him to keep the change – I figured he needed the money more than I did, and it would help him have a better Christmas holiday.

I wasn’t looking for a hug, but I was annoyed to receive nearly, no appreciation from the guy… ok, he wasn’t a “free loader”, but acted as if he felt entitled to the money.

Ironically, every single taxi I took in NYC… I had to almost negotiate with the taxi driver to get out of the taxi because they were never happy with the tip I left them.

Not to mention, over the week …. I must have had 20+ normal looking people come up to me (over the week) asking (begging) for money…

But what really makes me want to vomit…

Recently, I came across a great blog about an America couple who sailed around the world – I read their blog for a couple hours until…. I noticed on the side of their site it’s written: “buy us a pizza” with a link to paypal where I can “donate” money to them…

Why would they expect people to buy them pizza, or send them money?

Why would they have such little honor to troll for money … as if they’re fishing.

All that is written:  “Buy us a pizza!”

I wanted to write “Fuck off — buy your own pizza”  but Sophie talked me out of it….

I could go on and on with other examples of “free loaders” bouncing in and out of my life, but its a waste of time to talk about it further…

But seriously.

There was a time when people had honor; and no one would dare ask their neighbor to “buy them a pizza.”

A time when people would do everything humanly,  possible before they would ask their neighbor for money.

But nowadays…

too many people are thinking “why shall I work, if I can get someone to provide for me.”

Its worth mentioning…I was in Libya a month ago – and tried to tip/give money to a young  man who I met in the street who gave me a lift back to my hotel, but he graciously refused.  Even when I left the money on the seat, he got out and brought it to me…

Last year in Yemen something very similar happened where I tried to tip someone, but they refused my money..

The two above examples … these people dont have two nickels to rub together, but they have something so many people no longer have: they have honor.

The american couple who sailed 4 years around the world in a kick ass sailboat … are trolling for a free pizza with no shame…and no honor.

Where is John Galt?


2 thoughts on “Beware – “free loader syndrome” is sweeping america like an out of control virus…

  1. TribeVoice

    Excellent points.

    In the US, especially New York waiters, there is less appreciation for gratuities. And I’ve seen there is a strong sense of entitlement among people in the service industry in Europe and the US. Fortunately, I’ve met a few entrepreneurial waiters and hotel managers who are the exception (they understand that the rewards of hard work and excellent service are well within their reach).

    I think in some Muslim countries, people may hesitate to receive large tips due to fear. There is the feeling from many that to receive a large gift leads to a sense of personal obligation. They rather not put themselves into this situation to begin with. One can accept a gift from trusted friends and relatives, but even when the stranger is completely altruistic such as yourself, they would be afraid to accept such a generous gift.

  2. And then Rearden thought suddenly that he could break through Philip’s chronic wretchedness for once, give him a shock of pleasure, the unexpected gratification of a hopeless desire. He thought: What do I care about the nature of his desire……………..let’s see him happy just once, it might teach him something—didn’t I say that happiness is the agent of purification?—I’m celebrating tonight, so let him share in it—it will be so much for him, and so little for me.
    “Philip,” he said, smiling, “call Miss Ives at my office tomorrow.
    She’ll have a check for you for ten thousand dollars.”
    Philip stared at him blankly; it was neither shock nor pleasure; it was just the empty stare of eyes that looked glassy.
    “Oh,” said Philip, then added, “We’ll appreciate it very much.”
    There was no emotion in his voice, not even the simple one of greed.
    Rearden could not understand his own feeling: it was as if something leaden and empty were collapsing within him, he felt both the weight and the emptiness, together. He knew it was disappointment, but he wondered why it was so gray and ugly.