do not let fear of death get in your way of experiencing life…

today’s blog is a bit rushed, but I wanted to post it before Sophie and I drive to Milan for the weekend.
I will expand upon the idea on sunday.

I am in France this weekend.  Sophie and I have a birthday party in Milan tonight, so we flew back home to France for the weekend.

Monaco to Milan is an easy 3 hour drive.


Yesterday, on the flight to Nice, Sophie and I talked a lot about “fear” and one of the keys to enjoying life is not letting “fear” get in the way of experiencing it.

We were referring to “the fear of flying…” (there was a lady sitting next to us who was grossly scared, and nearly had to get off the plane before it took off)

When I was younger, I read Napoleon Hill’s book, “think and grow rich.”

One part of the book stuck with me; even to this day, I think about it often (to summarize) :  “don’t let fear get in your way.”

Specifically, the idea “do not fear death.”

Seems absurd, I know … but think about how many people don’t do or experience something because they are in some way scared of death.

Whether its not taking a job in another city or country because they don’t want to be away from their family who are growing old….
and might die

Or not taking an airplane because they are afraid of flying….
how many people don’t experience the world because of a fear of flying??

In a few weeks, I will go to Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan – I have been invited to speak at a university.

The few people who know about my trip to Pakistan have all commented the same thing, “aren’t you scared, its Pakistan?”

I’m not scared at all – I am excited about the opportunity to visit and experience another part of the world.

I will expand upon this blog later this weekend – and the idea of not letting fear get in your way of making your life happen.


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