because I said I would…

If you say you are going to do something – make sure you do it.

This simple concept is something many people fail at following.

Throughout your day, how many times do you say you are going to do something – but in reality you have no intention of doing?

Maybe you have a desire to do something, but fail at putting yourself in the position of making sure you do it.

Seriously, think about it next time you tell someone you are going to do something.

I was once the King of talking about what I was gonna do…

My search for John Galt has led me to reflect on myself – understand and grow; in a word: change.

Especially, as a father …
how can I lead my girls to go out and achieve if they see me just talking about what I am going to do…?

The same is true with being a boss, or a husband or a friend.

Silly example, but interesting one to think about…

3 weeks ago, I overheard Adam tell Nic he would help him when some new furniture Nic had ordered was delivered – I am sure Nic didn’t expect Adam to really come and help – after all, Nic has a house boy who can do a majority of the work for him, not to mention labor is very cheap in Dubai.

I didn’t even think about offering to help!

This past weekend the furniture was delivered – and Adam spent half a day helping Nic get everything perfectly set up.

Over dinner that night, Nic mentioned how much of a help Adam had been – one friend of Nic’s asked Adam,   “why did you spend your day moving furniture at Nic’s house??”

Adam replied — Because I said I would.