Monday, November 14th 2011

Run:  45 minutes
Bike:  45 minutes


This was my first run since the crash 10 days ago. 

Because my leg got infected, my lymph nodes in my pelvic region got swollen which made my entire growing area extremely sore.  It was impossible to run before today.

I went to another Doctor,  on Sunday (a urologist) the doctor said my leg is still infected, thus my lymph node pain is affecting my growing – however, he is confident it will all be gone by the 24th.  The Doctor told me he has been following my blog since he read about me in the paper.  He also said there is a group of doctors who are also following this blog and my race.

The doctor was very enthusiastic and positive that my infection and pain will go away by the 24th.  A great guy who gave me back a lot of my lost confidence.

The first few minutes of the run were fine, but after 3 minutes my knees and right leg were sore to the point I was sort of just limping along, looking like an old man. 

I ran about 5 minutes … stopped and walked for 10 seconds and then continued to run again.
The run was uncomfortable and slow, but I felt a little better as I ran, but I cant imagine running 7 marathons in a row.

Last night,Sophie told me  “In eleven years we have been together, I have never heard you doubt yourself … like I have heard you the past ten days…”

I share what Sophie said to me – as some form of catharsis…and to kick myself in the nuts.
Mentally, I need to get my head back into focusing on the road ahead, and stop focusing on the pain and being a pussy.

Physically, I think my leg injury will be over by the time the race rolls around – and lack of running for the past 10 days has made my legs tight.

Mario put me in shape to complete 7 consecutive ironman.
So it just comes down to how mentally strong I will be — and how I can manage the “uncomfortableness” of my right leg.

I just need to stop being a pussy and get on with it.