naseba7 day 3: Andy’s guest blog

Swim: 56
transition: 10 minutes
Bike: 6:04
transition: 10 minutes
Run: 6:02

3rd IM 13:22 minutes

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11pm. Just got into hotel after driving round in circles for 2 hours (a PB for our driver Mohammad, by some margin). Then we were welcomed at the desk by a receptionist called Mener. “Mener” is evidently Arabic for “Treebeard”, as the process was rather more painfully laborious than the Ent-moot in Lord of the Rings.

Wren and I, in addition to taking photographs and filming, are in the support van. This basically means erecting and de-recting transition tents and finish lines all day. Anybody who knows us will realise how inappropriate a job assignment this is. Luckily Mohammad appears to have been a boy scout, so his tent building skills are significantly better than his navigation. Which isn’t saying much.

We spent today teaching Mohammad to say “Owright Geeza” like a cheeky Cockney whelk, and horrifying him with descriptions of Welshmen and their nocturnal ovine predilections. In return, although it’s always difficult to tell, Mohammed seemed to be explaining to us the best way to kill herons with an AK-47 in some mountains in Pakistan.

Public support here is great. Scott was on the front page of Gulf News today, alongside a photo I took. Except somebody called “Ahmed” had claimed the photo credit. Ahmed, you’re now on The List.

Anyway, the event. Scott has been going awesomely. Possibly too awesomely, the classic error of pushing too hard on the bike and then “attacking” the run in a manner resembling grampa Steptoe. He never stops though, never takes a break, quite impressive. The old favourite run-walk method of the ironman run leg would probably make him go faster… but walking is, apparently, for pussies.

My quick take on the 3 legs


Well he used to be a competitive swimmer so no problem there. He claims he was attacked by a shoal of bitey fish on the first day. His legs however both still seem to be attached, so I take this with a pinch of sea salt.


To say he only took the stabilizers off a couple of years ago – looks great. Very strong. He’s now a cyclist. Overcooks it though.


A rather unconventional running style, somewhere between painful and hilarious to watch, but he gets there. He’s always positive and high-fiving the locals, whether they like it or not.

Some drama today, his calf siezed up so he came in later than expected. Adds to the dramatic tension for the film we’re making – it was all going way too smoothly!

OK bed time. Simon is guest blogger tomorrow, so look out for inane ramblings about biscuits.



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  1. richard5515

    GO…GO Keep going Scott. I hope I can also challenge myself.