negativity is contagious

15 of today’s top headlines on CNN were stories about something negative. 

One of the stories was about an actor who was hit by a car while riding his bike.
How is this considered news worthy? 

As per usual, I moved on to the FT and then Bloomberg which were both filled with much more positive and forward thinking news, but even as I read each, I kept thinking about the negative stories on CNN, the main news source that most American’s watch, and or read. 


Romain and I have a ritual where every Saturday, we meet for breakfast at my home in Dubai.

Its always very early before my kids are awake and we sit on my balcony which has a nice view and enjoy French pastries, strong coffee…and most importantly, a nice cigar as the sun rises. 

We dont speak much.
Mainly, we just enjoy the peacefulness of the moment.

I look forward to this 90 minute ritual all week long. 

This morning he showed up right as I was closing my computer. 
Without realizing, I started to tell him about the morning news in America, and all the negative crap which commanded the headlines. 

Less than 3 minutes later…

(Its worth mentioning that I slept great, I felt great)

… Relaxed, enjoying a great cohiba siglo V cigar with my feet up, very comfortable overlooking an amazing view of the Palm and sea, eating French pastries, drinking a coffee, and my cigar had just been lite…
I continued talking about the negative news. 

I told Romain about how a highly respected actor in America got hit by a car while he was riding his bike – and this made headline news on CNN. 

I rambled a bit about the actor, and then some more about american culture… 

Sophie had overheard me.  

She came out onto the balcony, and pointed out that I had just spent 5 minutes speaking negatively about the “negative” headlines.

She furthered her point by pointing out that what I was saying was only focused on negativity and added no value to our beautiful morning. 

Romain added “negativity is contagious.”

Greeat point. 

I stopped immediately, and reflected on how easily I had become consumed by the flames of negativity.

My negative moaning about the news encouraged Romain to become negative which ultimately, wasted 5-10 minutes of our morning.

But what if…

What if CNN focused our attention on more positive stories, such as the story of a homeless high school girl who overcame the odds and won a $100,000 award for her science project (17th headline)…

how much would more positive stories add to the lives of the reader?

To whom it may concern at CNN – instead of telling us about the bike accidents of actors who have done nothing in this world except act, or informing the viewer about people with tumors the size of volley balls…

Please tell us more positive stories focused on the greatness in man.

Because (surely) positivity is contagious.


One thought on “negativity is contagious

  1. negative stories is contagious as well as negative attitude but positive stories is inspiring and motivating as well as positive attitude, chapeau for you mr scott and your friend.