aggravated pimping…

Currently, there is a “hip hop” song in the American top 10 on the weekly top 40 list sung by a popular rapper. 

The entire song (and video) is focused on having a good time, drinking alcohol and smoking “weed” – with a special focus and highlight on smoking marijuana.

Often this song is played on my daughter’s favourite radio station in Dubai, and we get to enjoy listening to it seemingly every day when I drive them to school — my 8 year old especially likes the beat of the song.

(In Dubai – most of the songs negativity has been sensored out)

While having my morning coffee early yesterday morning, I looked on youtube for other songs by the same rapper (a young black American who is drenched in tatoo’s).

I had the pleasure to watch on youtube several of his other songs, nearly all of which are full of lyrics about smoking “weed.” 
Smoking “weed” seems to be his favourite rap theme. 

By chance, I stumbled upon a VH1 documentary on another famous American rapper; a black american in his late 20’s who is also covered in tatoo’s and according to him has several $100,000s of diamonds incrusted on his teeth. 

During the documentary (in front of the camera) this famous rapper smoked “weed” throughout the entire interview. 

He also rambled on and on about nothing…

Oddly, the same rapper owns over $10 million worth of cars, and he proudly, showed his car collection …including 3 different stretch limo’s.

On my morning run, I thought about the companies who own the record labels of all these rappers …
Then I thought about the companies who own the top radio stations who play all these songs…

I thought about VH1 and the people/shareholders who own it…

Then all the companies who are paying to advertise with these stations who are promoting the actions and lifestyle of these hip hop gangsta rappers.

“Supply and demand”  or better put “supply what is demanded” …

These songs and videos promote nothing which adds positive value to the listener other than an enjoyable beat.

The lyrics are so littered with curse words, talk of nonsensical consumerism, (i.e. buying 20 different cars) and constant drug use that it’s impossible for young influencable kids not to be influenced, especially if you are a young kid growing up in America where this stuff is shat all over TV and radio.

Once upon a time not too long ago….
Shareholders in companies wouldn’t want to be associated with negativity, especially the promotion of illegal drug use – thus policed their investments.

Now a days it’s all about making money… 

Imagine the millions of kids (especially in the black communities across America) whose lives are being massively – negatively imnfluenced, thus impacted because they listen and watch music videos glorifying dope smoking and other illegal – dishonourable actions.

Our world is so full of nonsensiscal negativity…

Where is the leadership?

How is the story going to end?


2 thoughts on “aggravated pimping…

  1. When you were your kids’ age, Guns n’ Roses were known for their guitarist playing with a bottle of Jack in one hand; Coolio was already on the same gangast rap trend you are talking about; Nirvana wasn’t impersonating cleanliness.
    When your parents were your kids age, the Beatles were dedicating a song to LSD; the flower power movement consumed its fair share of weed.
    In between, Jim Morrison died of overdose; the Stones openly enjoyed a lot of various substances.

    This does not excuse that and you are absolutely right on principle. But it does not say anything about TODAY’s world. It says something about music being the first vehicle of rebellion for the youth. Shareholders were not forbidding their radio stations to play the Beatles.

  2. olympiadatta

    Negativity is part and parcel of life, the uglier side of the coin, which whether denied existence or held up in the light, does not cease, to always, be in the background. Which explains the actions of the Beatles, Nirvana et al. However the repeat of the ‘hip hop’ song 50 times a day on several media outlets, does have an often overlooked point about today. I can hardly not say that negativity has increased but more importantly the present society’s tolerance, acceptance towards these things has. The perspective of the association with said artists or songs has changed, what was frowned upon back then, has now not only accepted but also encouraged in the name of the first medium of choice for youth rebellion. The point here is not that music and music videos are used for expression but that its expected of youth to be rebellious. If one agrees that life has become better with time, keeping in mind all the development that has happened in the world, then today’s youth hardly have anything to complain about. Besides partying, drinking alcohol and getting doped up hardly classifies as complaining.