self-indulgence vs self control

A couple days ago, a major study was released stating that by 2030 America will have become “overwhelmingly OBESE.”

I noticed this morning the story has vanished from all the American news sites ….
Essentially, we, the people have turned the page and are not discussing this issue further – it’s as if the problem no longer exists.

Imagine …

The report discussed how hospitals in America are having to have MRI machines and X- ray machines made larger … just because of all the obese people cannot fit in the standard size machines…

All those costs to re-do the hospital equipment are pushed onto all the citizens, even the skinny ones because it will be reflected in the price of the procedure, insurance rates will rise, etc.

The story also discussed how obese people need bigger cars which consume more gas … thus, the skinny guys and gals will be further negatively affected because of higher fuel prices..

Incredible to think that in just 18 years, America will have become “overwhelming obese.”

What happened to that  puritan –  protestant work ethic anchored by the value of “self-restraint” – the same ethic which created a “spirit” that built America – where did it go?

The “American spirit” of honesty, work ethic, responsibility, and self-control was hugely important to making the nation great — because it guided people to achieve and live honorable lives.

But that spirit – at least by a large number of large Americans seems to be gone.

Surely, back in the good old days, fat people didn’t want to be fat because being fat reflected a lack of self-control.

Now its socially accepted to be repulsively overweight.

It seems the concept of self-control has been crushed and replaced by one of self-indulgence …

Where is the leadership?

How can this Obesity report not be commanding headline news?

Today, one of the headline news stories on the major news source in America is teaching/discussing how to wait in line to buy a new i-phone.
This headline news story shows long lines of people sitting on the sidewalk … anxiously/excitedly/feverishly waiting for hours to buy a new i-phone.

Instead of challenging us to diet and get in shape so we can seize our lives, we are numbed by stories of nothingness.

Even if you are not american…

As you go through your day, reflect on your own experiences with self-indulgence vs self control.

Seize you life.