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RAAM training test #3:  commitment

RAAM training test #3: commitment



Over the past week, I had my 3rd RAAM training test.

Between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, at my normal training area, I was scheduled to do 16, 18, 20, 4, 18, 20, 18, 20 hour rides over 8 days.

The first day, 16 hour ride went by well except for my electrolyte was a different company than I normally use, and it didn’t work for me – thus, I felt sick and tired over a few hours under the sun.

I went fairly fast, trying to mentally get into the ride – 6:38 for my first 180km (ironman distance bike leg) and 7:08 for my 2nd 180km.  Once the sun went down, I felt strong.

Bob and Tom met me at the 8 hour mark to give me food and to follow me the remaining 8 hours to give me water and food.

I live 40 minutes from where I ride.  After each day, Bob and I would pack the car; I would change and then we would drive home.
So we wasted a good 80-90 minutes after the ride before I would be home where I would eat and sleep.

I woke at 2:30 each day to be riding at 4am

The 18 hour ride went well.  I had 2 flat tires in the middle of the day, and changing the tires took me a good 45 minutes … in the middle of the desert under the sun.  It killed my energy.

Bob and Tom brought me pasta and Perrier (I was so hungry that I called Tom from my mobile on my bike and asked him to bring me both)

I noticed how instantly I felt better after eating the pasta and drinking the Perrier.  I was reborn.

After 15 minute break at the 9 hour mark, I was back on the bike and rode fast.

Overall a great ride.  My neck didn’t hurt at all.

That night, by the time I got home, showered and ate … I could only get 1 hour of sleep.
After 60 minute of sleep, I got back up ate, and left for the next ride.

I was excited for the 20 hour ride because it would be a great mental test – but damn was I tired (from only sleeping an hour and also only 90 minutes the day before that)

2 hours into the ride, I had a flat tire and it was hot … it took 20 minutes to change the tire .. and I was riding very slow.  Because of the strong wind – I rode much slower than the 25km/h Mario told me I had to ride.

Around the 6 hour mark – The wind was strong and when I was turning a corner too slow, I got blown down … and didn’t get my bike shoe unclipped and landed on my wrist …

I crashed alone in the desert — about 2 hours from my car, and on the 2 hour bike ride back … I couldn’t hold or touch the bike with my right hand.

I wondered to myself if the pain was mental because (to be honest)  I felt relief … now I had an excuse not to continue.

But the other voice in my head told me to stop focusing on the pain… and get back up and keep riding.

Ultimately, I went to the hospital and learned that I fractured my wrist in 2 places.  The pain has been a big challenge to deal with, and I don’t sleep well … but after 4 days, it is much better today.

I didn’t finish the training test … and have not trained at all since last Thursday.  Tonight I will do a 60 minute turbo.

I am 100% committed to doing RAAM … the race begins June 11th.

I must wear this cast for 4-6 weeks, but Dr. Yusef told me that I can keep training, and to come back to his clinic every 2-3 days and he will have a new cast put on so to keep it clean.

This accident is yet another great example of one of my favorite themes:  when we fall down, we have to get back up and keep hammering it.


One thought on “RAAM training test #3: commitment

  1. It’s very difficult to stick to the pitch.

    It’s very motivating to be committed & keeping it.

    The necessary safety measure is a MUST to equip with Scott.

    Best wishes to a healthy recvery and strong consistency for you V5.