too many clowns at the circus

too many clowns at the circus

Three days ago, Detroit was declared bankrupt by U.S. judge Stephen Rhodes.

This same week, a handsome actor who I have never heard of and his friend, died in a car crash …
Apparently, they were driving a $450,000 car too fast, lost control and crashed, killing them both.

Although the bankruptcy of one of America’s most iconic cities is [with certainty] going to have a massive negative impact on many 100,000’s of people – not to mention America’s economy, headline news across America has been dominated by news about this actor’s death.

Yesterday, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th top headlines on CNN were all different stories about this actor…

There was not one story on CNN about Detroit’s bankruptcy; not one story on this tragedy and what the game plan is to sort this mess out … nothing on what America is planning to do to prevent this from further bringing down its [very] fragile economy.


American media felt it was more important to focus our attention on stories about the death of an actor who a majority of the world has never heard of.

Supply what is demanded.

Rome is burning…

My challenge to the reader:
Don’t let all the clowns out there get in the way of where you want to go.